One of the best places to unleash the full power of your NSR !! This is just a sample of what you can find for your NSR here. Please check out the Official Jha Page for more details and info. Jha makes the best pipes and can de-restrict MC28 PGM Memory cards without any problems.

Click for more info about this cool NSR !! Jha makes complete bikes for sale and can ship world wide. This bike is the all new NSR 2000 SP which has many extras not listed on the Jha web site. Click here for more info or on the picture.
Jha Titanium silencers Jha has released a new set of silencers that are available for special order. No information on the web site but they will definitely improve the power of your NSR with Jha pipes. Click here or the picture.
Jha street version back step kit 38K Jha makes some of the finest steps that allow you to fit the massive Jha pipes and raise your position 20 mm to increase your ground clearance when you lean your bike over. Available in street or race models with the upside down gears. 36,000 Yen for the street model and 38,000 Yen for the race version.
Click for more - 79K Another one of Jha's limited edition NSR 250's built for the road. Totally awesome and already sold out. Too bad !!! Click Here or on the picture for more.
Click for full size image - 16K Jha's steering damper kit is available for 39,000 Yen and is a special order item. It smoothes out the bumps in the corners and allows you to drive your bike to it's full limits.

Name : Jyohoku Honda Auto
Address : Tokyo-to, Shinjuku, Nishi-Ochiai 3-26-6 Japan 161-0031
Telephone : ( 03 ) 3952 - 4004
Fax : ( 03 ) 3952 - 0081