M Parts Corporation

Click for the Official M-Max page M Parts corporation makes the popular M-Max de-restrictor boxes for the NSR and other bikes. Check out the Official M Parts page for more info.

Click for full size image - 79K This bike has the M Max full power kit installed. The kit is priced at around 248,000 Yen. Included with the kit are the pipes with Carbon Kevlar silencers. New RC valves, sprockets, reprogramming of the PGM IV unit and other adjustments.
Click for full size image - 32K Here is the new card with the full power kit for the MC28. Horsepower is around 65 with a top speed of around 210 km/h. The de-restriction kit is sold separately with out the pipes for 130,000. You will have to take your bike to their shop for the work to be done.
Click for full size - 63K The pipes are also sold separately. Priced at 92,000 with aluminum silencers or 118,000 Yen for your choice of Carbon or Carbon kevlar. There are also 500V GP style pipes available too. The standard pipes are pictured on the left.
Click for full size image - 42K Three types of silencers are available. The Works type are pictured on the left and are made of Carbon Kevlar. Click here for the Carbon type and click here for the aluminum type.
Click for full size image - 31K M Max makes some of the most popular de-restrictor boxes around. Prices are about 6,800 Yen for 1989 models (MC18) and 7,800 Yen for 1990 to 1993 models.
Update : April 15, 2002 DISCONTINUED BY M-MAX
Click for full size - 26K Carbon Max brake pads help to slow your bike down faster and are priced at 4,800 yen per caliper for the P type. They have pads for all NSR's from 1988 and up.
Click for full size image - 34K

Reservoir caps which give your bike a distinct look. Priced at 1,000 Yen for colored caps or 1,800 Yen for a carbon style cap.
Update : April 15, 2002 DISCONTINUED BY M-MAX

Name : M Parts Corporation
Address : 1-13-29 Irumagawa, Sayama-city, Saitama-ken 350-1305 JAPAN
Telephone : 8142-953-5113
Fax : 8142-953-5340