Silhouette Japan

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This is the 500 Replica body work made for the NSR 250 from Silhouette Japan. Click on the picture or click here for a full size image of this NSR 250. The front suspension is from a ZRX 250. The bodywork is lightweight and fits with the original turn signals and wind screen.

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Prices are for upper and lower cowl set. Two pieces.
White gelcoat, no colors 60,000
1994 - 1999 colors 79,000 Yen
Repsol or Rothmans colors 90,000
95 SP colors 97,000 Yen

Click for larger image 42K 500 Replica seat cowl type II
No paint 30,000 Yen
1994 - 1999 colors 35,000 Yen
Rothmans or Repsol colors 40,000
No opening for storage compartment
Click for slightly larger image 19K NSR Replica fender type II
1988 - 1999 NSR 250 models 13,000 Yen
Available in factory colors

Please note : This bodywork except for the fender is designed for the MC28 NSR.
Yes, the above bike is a MC21 but it required some modifications to work. Also
the Repsol colors are the same as the 96 SP Repsol colors. The above bike is
custom painted and not the actual colors that are for sale.

Name : Silhouette Japan
Address : Osaka city, Suminoe-ku, Shibatani 2-5-83, Japan 559-0021
Telephone : 06 ( 6685 ) 0870
Fax : 06 ( 6683 ) 2415