Silhouette Japan MC18

Click for full size image 44K Click on the picture or click here for a full size image of these cool looking NSR's with Silhouette Japan body work. Please note these parts work with all your original parts and are bolt on.
Click for larger image - 29K Fits 1988 and 1989 NSR 250 models. Upper cowl only
Choice of fiberglass or mesh head light cover. Air ducts are mesh covered. The blue cowl is pictured with the fiberglass light cover. Works with normal light, turn signals, screen and lower cowl. Same as below.
Click for larger image - 23K This cowl is the same as above but with the mesh head light cover and different colors. Prices are the same for above upper cowl too.

No paint 27,000 Yen
Factory paint colors 30,000 Yen
Rothmans colors 36,000 Yen
Click for larger image - 32K RS type solo seat cowl
No paint 27,000 Yen
Factory paint colors 31,000 Yen
Rothmans colors 34,000 Yen
33K Special seat
No paint 24,000 Yen
Factory paint colors 28,000 Yen
Rothmans colors 31,000 Yen

Name : Silhouette Japan
Address : Osaka city, Suminoe-ku, Shibatani 2-5-83, Japan 559-0021
Telephone : 06 ( 6685 ) 0870
Fax : 06 ( 6683 ) 2415