Dog Fight Racing

Click here for the Official Dog Fight Racing PageDog Fight R makes some of the best performance pipes that money can buy. Dog Fight is continuously finding ways to improve it's products. Recently they also started selling their cool pipe kits in stainless steel with real carbon fiber silencers. Check out the Official Dog Fight Racing Page for more info in Japanese. Below are some older pictures, most of the products are still available and the newer pipes are now sold in stainless steel only.
67K - for more info Dog Fight has recently released a new set of pipes for the NSR 250. They are the all new Millennium Race pipes. Available for 1990 and up NSR 250 models. Click here or on the picture for more pictures and info about these cool Millennium pipes.
25K - Click for full size The new Millennium pipes from DFR feature newer, better designed, lighter and more free flowing silencers that improve performance compared to the older type design. The new type on the left features a larger opening too. Silencers are available in blue aluminum or carbon.
88K - Click for full size The beautiful Dog Fight R chambers designed for the NSR 250. Other pipes are available too for other two stroke bikes. These pipes are made of steel and are only 1mm thick which makes them very light. No modifications are necessary to your body work. Bolts on easily. Prices normally start at about 90,000 Yen. Update: Now only sold in stainless steel
65K - Click for full size Dog Fight Racing also makes their silencers in Carbon fiber for an additional cost of about 10,000 Yen for the pair or about 90 US Dollars ( Present exchange rates ). Click here or on the image for a close up of the carbon pattern. Tax not included.
68K - Click for full size This is the SP complete kit from DFR. These parts are designed for racing only. When combined with the new Millennium type pipes and this kit, it is possible to attain 70 horsepower or more. Parts are also sold separately. Get in touch with DFR for more about these kits and possible world wide shipping.
Sorry no full size image Dog Fight is very active in racing which means they know how to build fast bikes. They can custom build your engine to your specifications, have a machine shop, Dyno machine and can do just about anything you request. Check out their page for more info. Pictured are the new flanges which give you about 1 horsepower and are priced at around 6,000 Yen each.
Sorry no full size image The Dog Fight original light weight flywheel kit for the NSR 250. Priced at 25,200 Yen for a brand new unit, or you can have your flywheel modified starting at 8,000 Yen. Increased performance and incredible revving power.
Dog Fight also sells a high precision crank for your NSR 250. It is balanced perfectly for racing and heavy duty street use. Priced at 75,000 Yen plus tax for a brand new crank and that includes the performance work. Or you can send in your crank to DFR for a complete professional rebuild with performance in mind. Prices start at 8,000 Yen and up.

Dog Fight can do pretty much anything for your NSR !! They sell full power kits and all kinds of other small parts. Check out the official Dog Fight R web site for more information. I will have more pictures and information later. Price does not include 5 % sales tax.

Name : Dog Fight Racing
Address : Chiba-ken, Matsudo-city, Kamishiki 1370-1 Japan 270-2221
Telephone : 047 ( 392 ) 7234