Technical Gates

Click here for the Official Technical sports pageTechnical Gates make some of the best silencers around. Lots of the factory GP machines use them. They also have complete kits with pipes for the NSR 250 as well as other bikes too. Be sure to check out the Official Technical Gates page for more about them and their products, unfortunately all in Japanese. If you can't find the NSR 250 pipes section than just click here.

Click for larger image - 21K This is the complete pipe and silencer kit for the MC21 NSR 250. It fits 1990 to 1993 models and is priced at 118,000 Yen for a complete set with steel pipes or 168,000 Yen for stainless steel.
Click for larger image - 20K Pricing is the same for the MC28 kit too. The bike featured in this picture has only the carbon kevlar silencers that work with your normal pipes.
Click for more - 24K The carbon kevlar silencers are also sold separately. They are available for NSR 250 models from 1988 to 1999. Each silencer is priced at 25,000 Yen. Different types are sold for the normal pipes and aftermarket pipes.