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Click for the official TSR page in English Technical Sports Racing is a top tuner and custom parts maker in Japan. They are extremely active in racing and make their parts to the absolute highest standards. Based in Suzuka, Japan. The TSR Website is now available with English. Take me to the official TSR Website for more information.
Update: Some bad news from TSR, they have discontinued their beautiful rear sets and have no future plans for
any new NSR products to be added to their lineup. If you are planning to order from them, I would hurry up
and order soon before their stock is depleated. Also the price of their clutch and damper kits will be increasing

TSR not only build parts for the NSR, but many more Honda sport bikes and is very competitive in the 125 class of the World Grand Prix. They construct their own bikes and the finest parts around. Click here or on the picture for more about the 2001 TSR Honda AC10M 98K - Click for full size image
93K - Click for full size image Technical Sports Racing makes the finest quality NSR pipes around. Made of stainless steel so you do not need to worry about your NSR pipes rusting away. The silencers are built from Carbon Kevlar with Titanium outlets and CNC machined fittings. Absolutely awesome !! Years of research and racing have gone into the design and development of the TSR exhaust system. Price is about 139,000 Yen.
58K - Click for full size image The latest style silencers from TSR. Made of real carbon kevlar with a titanium exit and precision machined fittings. Unbelievable quality !! Price is 39,000 Yen for the pair and they bolt on to your normal exhaust system. Increased power over the whole range, authentic GP style looks, quiet sound ( 92 dB ) and lightweight.
76K - Click for full size image The ultimate rear sets for your NSR 250 !! Made of the highest quality aluminum. Fully polished !! These unique rear sets offer you the choice of four different positions to suit your riding style. Rear brake light switch included. Full bearing action. The best money can buy, priced at 48,000 Yen. Available for MC21 and MC28 NSR 250 models ( 1990 and up ) Position : Back ( 0mm/12mm ) Up ( 12mm/24mm )
77K - Click for full size image TSR offers these more economically priced rear sets for MC21 and MC28 NSR 250 models. Fully polished, precision machined, non adjustable with no heal guards. Reasonably priced at 29,800 Yen for the complete kit. Position : 0mm back and 24mm up
71K - Click for full size image Toby steering damper kits and a bracket kit designed to fit the NSR 250 perfectly. Complete with a steering stopper. Toby steering dampers are made in Belgium and are made to the highest standards, low friction, high quality, lightweight and very reasonably priced at about 32,000 Yen for the entire kit.
70K - Click for full size image Toby steering dampers are also available separately, starting at 25,000 Yen for the standard damper with no bracket, two colors are available in blue or black. There is also the GP spec damper available too, half the weight ( 150 g ) full carbon body, titanium rod and inners. The same damper used on the TSR GP and race bikes. 89,000 Yen for the GP spec damper.
22K - Click for full size image FCM Carbon Metal pads for improved stopping power, reduced rotor wear and long life. Price is 6,800 Yen for one caliper set.
36K - Click for full size image With more power comes the need for a heavy duty clutch. These F.C.C Power Clutch kits from TSR are the best on the market. Sold as a complete kit with everything necessary. Priced at about 20,000 Yen. Available for dry and wet type systems.
33K - Click for full size image Why not replace your old flywheel with a high performance lightweight flywheel from TSR, priced at around 25,000 Yen. It gives much improved engine response and is perfectly fine for street use.
23K - Click for full size image Lightweight stepped style screens save weight, improve aerodynamics and look just so cool. For that GP look. 17,000 Yen for clear and 18,000 for a smoke colored screen.
42K - Click for full size image TSR quick adjusters for the front forks. No tools needed for adjustment. Just twist them for instant adjusting. Four colors available. Gold, Blue, Red and Green. Priced at 3,500 Yen for a pair. Fits all NSR 250 MC 21 and MC28 models ( 1990 and up ) and 1989 NSR 250R SP models only.

Name : Technical Sports Racing
Address : Japan headquarters : Sumiyoshi - cho 6786, Suzuka city, Mie Prefecture, Japan 513-0825
Telephone : Japan : ( 0593 ) 78 - 1455
Fax : Japan : ( 0593 ) 78 - 6192
E-mail Japanese : info@tsrjp.com

TSR Japan Official Website