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Click for the official Tyga Performance pageTyga Performance is a British based company. They have major experience racing with the NSR. The staff at Tyga all ride NSR bikes and are devoted to helping out other NSR riders with the highest quality parts at the best prices. Take me to the Official Tyga Performance Website for more information.

Click for full size - 70K Tyga Performance introduces their all new stainless steel expansion chambers for the MC21 and MC28. They make the same power or more as the Japanese pipes at nearly half the price !! Available with aluminum silencers or Carbon Kevlar silencers for a slightly higher cost. Check out Tyga Performance's web site for more details. Dyno proven for maximum power and they look so cool !! No more rusting and better looks for many more years.
Click for full size - 21K Tyga Performance recently introduced the latest Carbon Kevlar silencers designed to bolt on directly to Tyga Performance pipes to replace your aluminum silencers. They offer increased performance, weight savings and cool looks. Contact Matt or Paul at Tyga Performance for pricing.
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Tyga Performance is busy building their all new rear set kit for the NSR 250. Made of CNC machined light weight aluminum. These rear sets will have bearings for smooth operation and ideal for racing or street bikes with performance in mind. Contact Matt or Paul for pricing and availability.
Click for more - 41K These reed valves offer improved throttle response and performance by uninterrupted, smooth flow of the intake mixture. Increased intake allows the engine to breath better at hi rpm, increasing peak power. Click here for a view from the bottom. Contact Tyga Performance for pricing.
Click for full size image - 28K The TYGA Performance replacement brake lines use stainless steel braided Teflon hose, and high quality, lightweight aluminum fittings for the ultimate in braking feel and performance. A great way to improve the stopping power and looks of any machine. Includes new sealing washers, double banjo air bleed bolt for the front master cylinder, and non bleed bolts for the other fittings where necessary. Dramatically increases brake feeling and performance.
Click for more - 24K PVC coated brake line covers protect your mesh brake lines from all weather conditions and give your machine a distinctive look. Available in a variety of colors. Contact Tyga Performance for pricing.

Tyga Performance bodywork and custom painting

Click for full size - 17K Tyga Performance bodywork update kits enhance the looks of your NSR250, and bring it into the modern era. The Tyga bodywork is made from lightweight fiber. Three types of uppers are available; ( Pictured from left to right ) 'Racing', 'Ram Air' and 'Tyga eyes'. The Tyga eyes upper uses special headlights, while the 'Ram Air' is designed to keep the stock headlight. There is an aerodynamic lower cowling, compatible of course with all of the upper cowlings. Please check out the Tyga Performance official web site for more details and current prices.

Click for slightly larger image - 21K The all new front fender from Tyga Performance, made of light weight and sturdy fiberglass, fits all NSR 250 models from 1988 and up. Deeper sides for a more aggressive appearance. Affordably priced.
Click for more about this NSR !! One of the amazing NSR 250's built by Tyga Performance. Tyga can special make NSR bikes like this or anything that you desire. Click here for more info about this bike and lots of pictures.
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The all new Tyga tail seat from Tyga Performance !! The TYGA Tail unit blows the competition away !! Providing the latest in GP style looks, with the added aero advantage over the stock unit. This seat can also be supplied with a tail light for street use and custom painted to your likeness. Contact Tyga Performance directly for more information. These seats are awesome !! Click here to see some examples of the high quality paint work from Tyga Performance.

Click for more pictures and info Want to change the image of your machine ? Tired of the old colors ? Need an update to the latest GP colors ? Than you must click here to find out more about Tyga Performance's custom paint work. It is affordable, the highest quality and you can order the colors of your choice. Custom orders are always welcome.

When you order something from Tyga Performance don't forget to mention " Jamie's NSR Homepage Special " for a small surprise. This is for a limited time, so hurry up and order all kinds of cool stuff from Tyga Performance. You will not be disappointed.

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Contact : Matt Patterson or Paul Pearmain