Special Parts Takegawa

Click here for the official Takegawa WebsiteSpecial Parts Takegawa makes some of the most exotic parts in the world for two stroke and four stroke mini bikes. Though they specialize in four stroke tuning with their parts line up for the Honda Monkey and Gorilla, they also make some very cool parts for the NSR 50 and 80. Click here for the Official Takegawa Website.
32K - Click for full size image The Takegawa Digital water temperature gauge for your NSR 50 or 80. A very important tool that helps to extend the life of your motor and gives an accurate reading. Priced at around 7,500 Yen.
38K - Click for larger size The Takegawa Cross ratio transmission gear kit for the NSR 50 and 80. It improves upon the factory parts with an improved torque band and a quicker top speed. Your frame number will be necessary if you order this kit, as the early model and late model kits are different. Pricing for the early models is about 39,000 Yen while late model kits are 42,000 Yen.
37K - Click for full size A heavy duty clutch kit which works with the normal clutch setup. It includes an extra friction disc to improve clutch performance. Priced at about 6,000 Yen and requires the use of a torque wrench.
76K - Click for full size The Takegawa dry clutch kit for the NSR 50, available in three types. For use with the normal gearbox ( 88,000 Yen ), for use with the Close ratio gear box ( 88,000 Yen ) and a dry type close ratio combination for 119,000 Yen.
36K - Click for full size An oversized carburetor designed for the NSR50 or 80. It is not for normal engines, designed to work with bored up engines for maximum power, priced at about 28,000 Yen. A racing funnel and a quarter turn throttle kit designed for this Keihin 28mm carb are sold separately for about 3,500 Yen each.
57K - Click for full size Unbelievable !! Upside down forks for your NSR 50 or 80 mini bike !! Includes all necessary parts for the conversion which are made of light weight materials, triple clamps, clip ons, front mesh brake line and works with your factory front fender, expensively priced at 150,000 Yen.
46K - Click for larger size The Super rear shock absorber from Takegawa. Made of a lightweight aluminum shell and features a one touch adjustable dial for easy suspension settings. It is priced at around 35,000 Yen.
54K - Click for full size The rear floating kit from Takegawa. Less kickback and caliper hopping. Improved rear brake response and better wet braking. It is priced at around 16,800 Yen for the complete kit.