April 2005
102K - Click for full size image The April 2005 Bike of the Month belongs to Don from Georgia State in the USA.
One day while Don was surfing E-Bay for a used motorcycle he came across this very rare 1993 NSR250R SP Anniversary Edition model for sale. 118K - Click for full size image
118K - Click for full size image Amazingly the bike was for sale only about 45 minutes from his place and had a clean title which is a rare thing nowadays.
Don got in touch with the seller and they struck up a deal, the seller did not know much about this bike and wanted to find a nice buyer who would take care of this bike. Don bought the bike right away. 46K - Click for full size image
55K - Click for full size image

The bike is a true and rare 1993 SP Anniversary Edition model (only around 900 ever made) and was in need of some care and attention which was not too serious but had to be done. First was to replace the front forks that were slightly bent. Don found a nice set from a MC28 model and fitted those along with some Gold Nissin calipers from a late model CBR600RR. All the rotors were replaced both front and back and new steel braided lines added as well.

The original owner included a used Tyga Eyes upper cowl as part of the deal. Don got in touch with Tyga Performance and ordered a matching lower cowl set and a new front fender which was perfectly painted in the stock colors. Don prefers the stock colors of his NSR over some of the more wild paint schemes out there today. These were the colors he lusted over for a long time.

109K - Click for full size image
117K - Click for full size image Other things were to replace the tires with new High grip tires, new keys all around as all the keys were mismatched. A nice used set of Tyga pipes were found and carbon fiber silencers were added too. The top end was freshened up and the carbs were rebuilt with a HRC carb kit and a HRC carb box was added for increased performance which puts a big smile of Don's face.
The rear shock was rebuilt by a race shop and Don added an Ohlins steering damper as well. Don still has a few more upgrades in the planning and is right now enjoying his new NSR that he searched for such a long time. 127K - Click for full size image
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