December 2005/January 2006
Note: I am on an extended vacation and the December 2005 and January 2006 Bikes of the Month have been joined
together as a single Bike of the Month. There will be an all new Bike of the Month in February when I return. Thank you!!
150K - Click for full size image The December 2005 Bike of the Month belongs to an anonymous Japanese rider from Tokyo, Japan.
The owner of this bike bought this NSR as a fully stock SP Repsol model and drove it for a while and felt the need to update the looks and make some improvements and build one amazing looking GP replica model since the owner is a big fan of Moto GP racing. 146K - Click for full size image
146K - Click for full size image First step was to make a call to Silhouette Japan and order a full NSR500 replica kit. Silhouette Japan took care of the paint work and even painted the gas tank. The seat is a one piece item that uses the stock rear brake lights for the classic NSR look.
While the bodywork was on order, the owner of this NSR had the stock MAGTEK wheels sent out for powder coating in Repsol orange to match the new bodywork. A new screen and mirrors were added as well along with new Dunlop GPR70SP tires to fit on the freshly powder coated rims. 74K - Click for full size image
163K - Click for full size image The owner of this bike decided to keep his engine and pipes all stock for reliability and to meet with recent noise laws here in Japan. The engine was freshened up a little but is practically stock. The bike is derestricted with an HRC card but retains the stock Honda NSR exhaust system for a slight improvement in performance.
For this owner, power was not a main concern and he wanted to have a small and light bike to enjoy on weekends to have fun with. Ultra crisp handling and brakes were top on his list. 175K - Click for full size image
187K - Click for full size image The owner ordered the JHA RVF400 kit from JHA with it's specially valved softer tuned front forks, modified triples and larger discs. Custom adapters were added to fit Brembo billet racing calipers. Discs are stock RS250 (296mm) and brake lines have been replaced all around the bike. Sport pads and a Brembo radial pump master cylinder help out too.
Other goodies are the carbon type mirrors, new screen, Ant Lion billet levers, heavy duty clutch cable, Sansei Carbon fiber clip ons, custom tachometer, Ohlins steering damper, WR rear set kit, AFAM sprockets and gold chain. 141K - Click for full size image
136K - Click for full size image The owner of this bike has built one amazing looking NSR replica bike that almost anybody would be very happy to ride and own. There are some small plans in the future for even more fine tuning.....
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