February 2005
68K - Click for full size image The February 2005 Bike of the Month belongs to Michael from Germany.
Michael is very active in racing over in Germany where he races a Honda RS250 and just recently picked up this little NSR250 a while ago with plans to go racing with this bike as well. 63K - Click for full size image
62K - Click for full size image Michael disassembled the entire NSR right down to the frame. The engine was pulled out and fully rebuilt. The frame and suspension checked over and cleaned up. Unnecessary parts removed to save weight and the bike was reassembled with special attention and all kinds of lightweight bolts.
The front bodywork is based on the NSR250 dimensions with some changes for slightly better aerodynamics and cleaner looks. The headlight hole was filled in and the upper cowl was widened a bit with smoother lines. The stock MC28 screen fits nicely. 54K - Click for full size image
50K - Click for full size image The rear seat is a spare from Michael's RS250 parts collection. He trimmed it a bit to fit and also needed to modify the NSR250 seat subframe to make it work.
Performance was improved with a set of Jolly Moto race pipes with Carbon fiber silencers. The stock airbox is retained but modified and the carbs were rejetted. An HRC 030 card finishes off the de-restriction process. 73K - Click for full size image
72K - Click for full size image Other improvements are the rebuilt suspension, NHK steering damper, Michelin sport tires, race compound brake pads and steel braided lines up front. The paintwork is very interesting. It is based on the Shell Advance colors team but was changed around a bit for a whole new look.
Michael has built himself one nice looking NSR racer. He also is racing a very nice RS250 in Germany. For more about Michael and his racing be sure to check out his website. www.rs250r.de 78K - Click for full size image
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