June 2005
110K - Click for full size image The June 2005 Bike of the Month belongs to Frank Mitchell from the U.K.
Frank had owned a MC21 in the past which he bought new back in 1994 from a shop in Spain, he rode it for a while and had an unfortunate accident. He rebuilt the bike in Repsol colors and later on regretfully sold it a few years after that. 69K - Click for full size image
140K - Click for full size image Last year while checking out the Le Mans Moto GP, Frank fell in love with the FORTUNA RSW racing bikes and decided that he was going to own and build another two stroke again. Frank had some nice memories with his old NSR and decided that he would use that as a base for his new project.
Frank searched all over the country for a nice NSR and was having a hard time but finally in October of 2004 he found a bike that needed some work and would be perfect for his project (Click here to see a picture of the bike before Frank got started) that he planned to go wild on. It was an R model with a dry clutch conversion. The whole bike was a mess but he was just pleased to have found one. Next step he scoured the Internet for parts, advice and ideas. 50K - Click for full size image
105K - Click for full size image After the bike made it home, it was completely disassembled and stripped down. All old and defective parts were tossed out and replaced with the latest high tech parts. A front end from a late model RVF400 was modified to fit. The front forks were rebuilt and resprung to work with the NSR handling and the riders weight. An Ohlins race shock was added too for a beautifully set up bike.
Tyga Performance came to the rescue with their awesome GP250 replica kit perfectly painted in the amazing Fortuna colors that Frank was dreaming off. Tyga also supplied the billet rear sets, stainless race pipes with carbon kevlar silencers, Tyga lite race parts, cool front fender, lights, screen and a whole lot more. 138K - Click for full size image
109K - Click for full size image Frank does all his engine work and rebuilt this engine himself. He rebuilt the carbs and rejetted them to work with the modified airbox, Daytona Turbo filter. Frank added i - Factory RS250 ignition coils, HRC cylinder head conversion kit and other HRC parts as well. This motor pumps out 65 HP and is kept cool with a HRC triple core radiator. Braking is handled with rebuilt RVF calipers, EBC pads, Goodridge braided lines, Cast iron floating rotors and a Brembo radial pump front master cylinder. Other goodies include AFAM sprockets and new chain, HRC rear brake reservoir, HRC rad overflow kit, Antlion 1/4 turn throttle, Antlion billet clutch lever, heavy duty clutch and clutch cable and Harris GP hinged clip-ons. Frank is really pleased with his results and is so proud. He bike attracts a lot of attention where ever he goes.
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