March 2005
108K - Click for full size image The March 2005 Bike of the Month belongs to Gert-Jan from Holland.
Gert-Jan's MC21 started off as a standard MC21 R model in the original colors of red and white. Gert-Jan was a big fan of small two stroke motorcycles and especially wanted a NSR 250R. 111K - Click for full size image
99K - Click for full size image In Holland it is almost impossible to find a NSR, especially one for sale. One day one of Gert-Jan's friends spotted a clean MC21 parked outside a local bike shop for repair and talked with the owner. The NSR had blown a piston and the owner one thinking about selling it. Gert-Jan's friend got his number and told Gert-Jan about this.
Gert-Jan contacted the owner and got a deal on this NSR. He was excited. It was a simple fix and Gert-Jan was back on the road and enjoying himself with his new NSR. After a couple of years of fun with this NSR Gert-Jan decided to upgrade his MC21 with some new looks and improved performance. Gert-Jan also loved the colors of the famous Honda NR750 and that is the color he wanted for his NSR. In Holland it is difficult to get this color and one man had made a replica of the NR750 using a VFR750 as a base with the same beautiful NR750 paint. Gert-Jan contacted him but he had sold the company, the past owner set Gert-Jan up with the new paint shop owner and the rest was history. 61K - Click for full size image
103K - Click for full size image The paintwork is really amazing. These pictures do not do this bike justice. Special custom decals were applied and everything was clear coated for that wet look. The wheels were resprayed with a new kind of paint known as black chrome and are striking.
The engine was once again rebuilt, this time the entire engine with a new crank, barrels and crankcases. Gert-Jan had the engine work done by a pro race shop and they did a few tricks here and there. Gert-Jan added some HRC parts, Tyga parts and a M-Max box along with some Jolly Moto Race pipes to fully derestrict his NSR. He had his MC21 run on a dyno and it put out 62.5 HP at the rear wheel with the stock (modified) airbox and runs perfect with a top speed of just over 210km/h. 94K - Click for full size image
111K - Click for full size image Brakes were upgraded with new lines, sport pads, new discs with gold anodized inners. A new Sigma chain from Tsubaki. The front suspension was rebuilt and many new parts replaced old worn parts for a whole new look. Gert-Jan loves his NSR very much and in fact has three in total. He also has a website where you can find out more about him and his other bikes by clicking here.
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