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December 2006/January 2007

For December and January I have decided to join up both the Bikes of the Month as one as I went away for the holidays and did not have the time, sorry for that. Stay tuned for the next Bike of the Month coming soon. Thank you!!
179K - Click for full size image The December 2006/ January 2007 Bike of the Month belongs to Paul Goat from the United Kingdom.
Paul had owned a NSR 250 a few years ago and regretfully sold it. He had some fun days with that bike and really loved how the bike was built and handled. Unfortunately the bike was sold and Paul was busy with other things. 171K - Click for full size image
201K - Click for full size image A few years later, Paul came across an all original 1991 NSR250R SP in the very rare and limited edition Pentax colors. Honda only made 1,500 of these special NSR bikes through out the entire world and Paul was lucky enough to find one for sale. He had some great memories with his old NSR in the past and just had to have this bike so he struck up a deal with the seller and purchased the bike.
Paul was very excited. The NSR was also showing some signs of its age, but was complete and all original and would make a great project bike that Paul was about to under take. 99K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image First step was to completely pull the entire bike apart. Everything that was removable on the bike was removed. Every little nut and bolt, every wire and cable. The entire bike came apart and every little part was restored, nickel plated or replaced with OEM parts for one of the most complete restoration jobs ever performed on a NSR250 in the world. Click here for a close up picture.
While this restoration was going on, Paul took care of the entire engine rebuild himself. The whole engine was rebuild with all new parts. HRC reeds, stuffers and spacers were added. The carbs were rebuilt and adjusted. The stock exhaust was retained and restored to like new condition. The upside down front suspension comes from a Honda RVF400 and was also rebuilt too. A custom made stem shaft was machined and it works very nice with the NSR set up. Calipers and larger 296mm discs are borrowed from the RVF. Brakes have been improved even more with Goodrich brake lines and sport pads all around. The rear shock was rebuilt and tuned up at the same time. The rear sets are the stock MC21 ones but were modified to allow an extra 5mm of clearance. 223K - Click for full size image
192K - Click for full size image The final step was the bodywork and paint. Paul had always been a fan of the NSR cause of its attractive lines and bodywork and wanted to keep the bike as close to stock as possible and stay away from the more modern looking body work kits available today for that classic NSR look. Paul took care of all the paint and bodywork himself. He had custom made decals made up and the MAGTEK wheels were powder coated in gold and new tires added.
A new tinted wind screen was fitted, all bearings and seals replaced along with new Renthal chain and sprockets. Paul is more than pleased with his NSR and still has some plans coming very soon for the bike which will include after market race pipes and some other bolt on goodies. One thing is for sure, Paul has probably one of the cleanest looking Pentax bikes around in the UK if not the entire world. 211K - Click for full size image
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