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July/August 2006
165K - Click for full size image The July / August 2006 Bike of the Month belongs to a Japanese rider whose nickname is Rickto from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in Central Japan.
Rickto bought this NSR a little while ago that was in need of some work as a result of a minor accident. He was able to purchase the NSR for a very good price and decided to build his own custom racer replica while restoring it at the same time. 163K - Click for full size image
141K - Click for full size image The first step was to pull the bike apart and go through everything and see what needed to be replaced or repaired.
Rickto started off with the body work as the body work on his NSR was damaged when he bought it and it was very important for him to have a nice looking NSR. Corin Motors in Tokyo, Japan supplied the two piece upper and lower cowl which is based on the exact look as the stock MC28 fairing but much lighter. The rear seat fairing was ordered from Silhouette Japan with their famous "Works Type V Seat" that features twin tiny brake lights for a very nice look. A new clear screen replaced the old wind screen and new tinted flush mounted mini turn signals were added as well. 201K - Click for full size imag
97K - Click for full size imag Next step was paint, Rickto knew a great local painter who specialized in custom paint work and with very reasonable prices. The painter and Rickto sat down and made some sketches and decided on a plan of what the bike should look like.
Rickto loved the MoviStar Telefonica colors so much but wanted something different as so many people have done this color over and over. Rickto and the painter decided on a black scheme instead of blue for a fresh new look. If you look at the bike in the pictures it looks like there are decals on the bike, but in fact this is all paint work. The bike does not use any decals, everything is custom painted. The number 74 was painted on the bike in memory of his favorite rider, Daijiro Kato. The paint work is just fabulous when you see it up close. 86K - Click for full size imag
168K - Click for full size imag Next the engine was freshened up with a top end rebuild, the carbs were rebuilt and rejetted along with some HRC parts for extra performance. The exhaust is handled by a Dog Fight R race pipe set and the bike is restricted with a 030 card.
Other extra are the ISA rear sets, braided brake lines, sport pads, rebuilt and tuned suspension, NHK steering damper, fender eliminator kit, AFAM sprockets, gold RK chain, Magtek Wheels and new Dunlop rubber. Rickto has built one amazing looking NSR that any owner would be proud of. Nice work Rickto!! 146K - Click for full size imag
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