March/April 2006
121K - Click for full size image The March / April 2006 Bike of the Month belongs to Deb from the United States.
Note: Sorry I was away on vacation and came back much later than expected so the April 2006 Bike of the Month was canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Deb's Husband (Jeff) also owns an incredible NSR250 (Click here) and she fell in love with his bike and also wanted to go riding with him. So Deb and Jeff decided to buy another NSR250 so they could have fun together. 177K - Click for full size image
151K - Click for full size image A low mileage and mint condition 1991 MC21 SE model was located in another part of the country. The bike was in super condition and was painted in Repsol colors. Deb was thrilled. Finally Deb and her Husband could ride together on two rare motorcycles. Unfortunately a while later while out riding together, Deb had an accident. Luckily she was not injured too bad and recovered fully from her injuries.
After Deb was ready to ride again, Jeff and Deb got in touch with Paul at Tyga-Performance and Paul set them up with a super deal on their new and cool RSW upper and lower fairing, GP500 seat, and a new tank all beautifully painted in Repsol colors again. 177K - Click for full size image
164K - Click for full size image Jeff bought some used race pipes from Ebay and they didn't exactly bolt on, but Jeff managed with a lot of work. Tyga took care of the new silencers and some other parts. The motor was actually built by Matt at Tyga so it runs strong and makes loads of power.
Other goodies are some alloy dress up parts from Japan, an Ohlins steering damper and Michelin Power Sport tires. 118K - Click for full size image
99K - Click for full size image Deb is really glad to be able to ride her NSR again with her Husband. The two bikes really attract a lot of attention in New Hampshire when they go out for rides.
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