October 2006
249K - Click for full size image The October 2006 Bike of the Month belongs to Jeff Hunt from Medford, Oregon in the the United States.
Jeff bought this all original and authentic 1996 Repsol SP model a couple of years ago which was in mint condition and was just so much fun to ride. 230K - Click for full size image
239K - Click for full size image After driving the bike for a couple of years Jeff thought it was time for a face lift and he wanted to modernize his NSR a bit with a more updated look. So Jeff got in touch with the people at Tyga Performance and he ordered a whole new RSW body kit for his NSR with the cool and integrated head light / turn signal assembly along with a Tyga GP rear seat and alloy sub frame.
The bodywork was then prepped for painting by a local shop which also professionally applied the custom paint work along with custom made decals. The paint work is just amazing and based on the later model Repsol GP colors that Jeff wanted to update his NSR with for a whole new look. Several coats of clear give the bike a very wet and glossy look. The paint work is just incredible. Jeff had the Mag-Tek rims powder coated in Repsol orange for that nice finishing touch. 184K - Click for full size image
125K - Click for full size image Next the engine was pulled out and rebuilt with a new crank and the Tyga 300cc bore up kit. Many mods were done to the engine along with the usual HRC bolt on parts. Exhaust is handled by a set of Jolly Moto pipes with carbon fiber silencers and the engine is reported to put out over 65 horsepower at the rear wheel.
With all this extra power it was necessary to upgrade the suspension and brakes. A complete inverted front end from a late model Kawasaki ZXR250RR were rebuilt, tuned up and custom fit to this MC28. The rear shock is a custom made race shock from BITUBO. The brakes were replaced with larger 296mm BRAKING floating wave discs, steel braided brake lines, sport pads and stock MC28 calipers matched to custom made adapter brackets for the ZXR forks. The master cylinder is a radial type one from IRS and is fully adjustable. 220K - Click for full size image
240K - Click for full size image Other extras are the clip on bars, Coerce rear sets, Daytona steering damper, AFAM sprockets, gold chain, Dunlop tires, HRC rear brake master cylinder reservoir and alloy bolts used extensively all around the bike for one of the most amazing NSR bikes I have seen in a while. Jeff is a big two stroke nut and also owns a fully restored Kawasaki KR-1 but said nothing compares to this NSR as it is a total blast to ride and everybody always wants to know more about the bike when they see it for the first time. Can't blame them I guess.....this NSR is awesome!!
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