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December 2007/ January 2008

165K - Click for full size image The December 2007/ January 2008 Bike of the Month belongs to Kunny from Tokyo, Japan.
Kunny is a retired Japanese racer and was active in the all Japan GP several years ago. One day while at his friends motorcycle shops he noticed a MC28 sitting way in the corner that looked to need some attention. 182K - Click for full size image
285K - Click for full size image Upon closer inspection he discovered the bike would require a lot of work and for some strange reason he knew this was going to be his bike. After a bit of talking with the shop owner, he purchased the bike and became the new owner.
After getting the bike back home, he started on the long process of pulling it all apart, deciding what parts to rebuild or replace and ordered new bodywork including a rear seat from Silhouette Japan. Kunny by the way is a professional painter nowadays and specializes in custom paint work. He always loved the look of the Rossi Nastro Azzuro colors and thought that would be perfect for his new ride. All paint and bodywork was handled by Kunny's shop and the stickers were purchased else where. 112K - Click for full size image
196K - Click for full size image The frame was cleaned up as well, the suspension was rebuilt all around and new Dunlop sport tires were fitted. Brakes were improved with steel braided lines and sportier pads.
The engine was completely rebuilt by Kunny himself, he used MC21 heads with 0.3mm base gaskets for increased head capacity. The bike is derestricted too. The carbs were rebuilt and rejet using the stock airbox. Exhaust is handled by after market performance race pipes with aluminum silencers. 161K - Click for full size image
175K - Click for full size image Other goodies are the AFAM sprockets, RK gold chain, race wind screen, clear rear turn signals and custom made integrated front turn signals with LED lights that were molded into the front mirrors for a cool and clean look.
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