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February 2007

159K - Click for full size image The February 2007 Bike of the Month belongs to John Krizanic from North Carolina of the United States.
John is a huge motorcycle fan and owns several motorcycles such as a new GSXR, Yamaha R1 and a pair of two stroke Yamaha RD350's that have been set up as TD3 replicas. John has always been a two stroke fan and grew up watching the older two stroke bikes back in the golden days of the Moto GP when two stroke bikes were all the rage. John had always wanted a Honda NSR for the longest time and searched all over for a nice clean one that was street legal and came with a legal title. After almost two years of searching he came across a nice bike and bought it. Amazingly a couple of months later he found another nice NSR and could not resist and had to buy that too for a total of two MC21 NSR bikes. 106K - Click for full size image
107K - Click for full size image The first MC21 that he bought was completely pulled apart right down to every last little bolt. John wanted to rebuild the bike right and make sure it would look as nice as it performs. The frame and rear suspension were cleaned up and sent out to a shop that had them hard anodized in black for a cool and custom look. The bike was then reassembled with all new bolts and hardware as well as many other parts that had aged over the years.
Tyga once again came to the rescue with their incredibly popular and very cool GP250 full body kit that includes the two piece fairings and sharp seat with the Tyga lightweight alloy subframe seat kit. The front fender is their newer RSW type one and the bodywork was custom painted in the striking Tyga racing colors for one amazing bike that really stands out in the crowd. 72K - Click for full size image
139K - Click for full size image John did not just want to have a beautiful looking bike. He needed improved performance and luckily his brother in law is a mechanic and they rebuilt the entire engine together from a SP bike and made some minor modifications as well as adding some HRC parts and redoing the carbs. The bike was derestricted with the wire cut splice method and a set of TYGA race pipes with cut down "Shortie" silencers for that vintage GP look.
This NSR started off as a standard R model with non adjustable suspension. John swapped over to the fully adjustable suspension setup from a SE bike and had the front and rear suspension completely overhauled by a local racing shop. Front forks are held together with a gold alloy top triple and an Ohlins steering damper was added, TYGA billet rear sets keep his feet away from the ground. New sports tires were added to freshly powder coated wheels. 132K - Click for full size image
135K - Click for full size image Brakes were enhanced with sport pads, rebuilt stock calipers and HEL brake lines all around. ISA sprockets and gold chain were added and many items were removed to save weight that were not needed. John is more than pleased with his first NSR project and still has other plans such as carbon fiber wheels, more titanium parts, larger brakes, Ohlins suspension, TYGA 300cc kit and RS250 carbs. Stay tuned for more about this amazing NSR.
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