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115K - Click for full size image The June / July 2007 Bike of the Month belongs to Brian M from the United States.
Brians's NSR started off as a genuine 1995 MC28 SP model in the HRC racing colors with Magtek wheels and the fully adjustable suspension. Brian decided he wanted a new look for his NSR and carefully removed the original SP bodywork and packed it away safely to be used again in the future. 68K - Click for full size image
84K - Click for full size image Brian really liked the look of the TYGA GP kit and went ahead and purchased that from them. He fit it along with the other parts in the kit like the race screen, aluminum upper fairing stay and the cool LED lights. The paint and bodywork was handled by a pro shop and they did a wonderful job with the unique color combination of blue and silver that goes really well together.
Performance has also been upgraded with JHA Type D 500V pipes with carbon kevlar silencers which are some of the coolest pipes to have ever been built. The bike is derestricted with the infamous HRC 010 card. The top end of the motor was rebuilt, carbs rejetted and the addition of some HRC parts make for one really nice ride. 130K - Click for full size image
124K - Click for full size image The suspension on the bike was rebuilt all around by Linderman Suspension for a much sportier ride and a billet fork brace helps out too. Alloy foot pegs and numerous alloy bolts give the bike a nice touch and save a few grams. Other upgrades are steel braided brake lines, gold RK chain, preload adjusters and Michelin Power Race tires. Brian owns one nice NSR.
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