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April/May 2007

188K - Click for full size image The April / May 2007 Bike of the Month belongs to Ryan Glenny from South Africa.
Ryan is a huge fan of two stroke bikes and especially loves the NSR model. He has owned a variety of different bikes including a custom built MC18. He always wanted to own a late model MC28 NSR and searched all around. One day he came across a very nice MC28 SP model for sale. At that time he was riding his MC18 bike and decided to sell it so he could raise some money for the purchase of the new MC28 SP bike. 122K - Click for full size image
114K - Click for full size image The new NSR turned out to be an authentic 1995 SP model complete with fully adjustable suspension and Magtek wheels. The previous owner had a slight crash and the bodywork was scratched up a bit here and there during that process. Ryan is a huge fan of the old two stroke 500 Moto GP bikes and wanted to redo the bike in one of his favorite racing color schemes from back then, so he decided on the popular Movi Star colors. The bike was pulled apart, bodywork repaired and smoothed out and than custom painted with custom decals. New mirrors and lights were added as well as a new tinted screen.
With the bike apart Ryan decided on some performance upgrades which included a custom made and chromed set of Bosson race pipes. Intake was increased with Tyga Carbon reeds and an HRC jet kit. The top end of the engine was rebuilt and a heavy duty clutch was added for one very nice running NSR bike. 196K - Click for full size image
78K - Click for full size image Other upgrades are the rebuilt front suspension with HRC parts, billet ISA rear sets, Pirelli Dragon tires, Tyga carbon meter cover and various alloy parts all around. Check out the picture on the left hand side of Ryan's old MC18 ride he sold so he could purchase this new NSR ride.
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