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October/November 2007

248K - Click for full size image The October and November 2007 Bike of the Month belongs to Hung from Taiwan.
Hung has probably one of the wildest NSR bikes ever built. His bike started off as an authentic MC28 Rothmans colored SP bike he bought from the original owner a few years ago. 228K - Click for full size image
207K - Click for full size image Hung has always been a huge fan of two stroke road and racing bikes and decided one day to see what would happen if he mixed up two of his favorite rides consisting of this MC28 NSR250 SP and a HRC Honda RS250 racer.
The NSR SP was pulled apart and an engine from a 1992 RS250 was custom installed by a local race shop in Taiwan that specializes in racing two stroke bikes there, They used 2003 model PJ39 carbs from a late model RS bike along with a custom made loom and wire harness. The engine was completely rebuilt including specially modified cylinders and slightly detuned a bit to make it more rideable for the street since its a street bike. The bike still is able to make 75.8 HP at the rear wheel on the dyno. Click here for a picture of the printout from the Dyno run. 169K - Click for full size image
66K - Click for full size image An aluminum triple core radiator from a late model RS was also custom fit to keep the monster engine cool. The racing exhaust is based on the NSR250 design and was also specially made to fit the bike with the RS engine in the NSR frame. Carbon Kevlar silencers from TSR keep the decibels down low. The gearbox was custom built by a HRC shop in Japan and features a close ratio gearbox that still allows a top speed of 220km/h and incredible acceleration. The carb box is a one-off custom made box.
The front suspension and those wonderful forks also come from the RS250. Hung had Japan's top suspension tuner (Okumura Skuderia) custom build the forks for him with new springs and revalved plus they extended the length of the forks slightly so they work better for a road bike. The top triple clamp was custom CNC machined from alloy to fit the forks along with a custom made stem to finish the conversion. 122K - Click for full size image
179K - Click for full size image The bodywork was borrowed from a 2002 RS racer and modified to fit the NSR frame and required special brackets and a custom made aluminum subframe to fit the seat. It required a lot of work but was worth it Hung mentions.

Hung based the paint work on the very popular and late Japanese rider Daijiro Katoh with its striking blue, yellow and red checkered design Telefonica Movistar colors. A custom made carbon kevlar fender, RS250 race screen from Battle Factory and a JHA carbon fiber rear fender finish up the appearance part of the bike. The rear shock is an Ohlins 46HRCL damper and works really nice with the sticky Bridgestone sport tires.

168K - Click for full size image
193K - Click for full size image Brakes are handled by Brembo race billet calipers and a radial master cylinder with steel braided lines and sport pads. Other goodies include the Ohlins steering damper, TSR adjustable billet rear sets, billet gas tank cap, AFAM sprockets, RK gold chain, Front RS250 mag wheel and rear NSR SP rear Magtek wheel and a Battle Factory quick shifting kit for possibly one of the most incredibly built and modified NSR bikes I have seen in my life.
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