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April/May 2008

239K - Click for full size image The April / May 2008 Bike of the Month belongs to Ray Ambrose from the United Kingdom.
Ray bought this MC18 NSR from a friend a couple of years ago. The bike was originally in several boxes and pieces and his friend was planning to race the NSR but after finding a complete RGV250 ready to race for sale he sold the NSR to Ray as he did not want to go through all the hard work to get the NSR ready. 205K - Click for full size image
152K - Click for full size image Ray was pretty glad to be the new owner but the bike was in rough shape and needed a lot of work. Many long weekends were spent cleaning the bike up, replacing or repairing many parts and getting the bike ready for assembly.
Ray got in touch with the nice people at TYGA PERFORMANCE and they helped out with an excellent deal on brand new TYGA bodywork to replace the damaged and missing bodywork and also to update the looks of the MC18 with a more modern appearance plus Ray also wanted to convert the bike back to a road legal bike from a racer. 190K - Click for full size image
150K - Click for full size image The previous owner tossed the headlight cause he was building a racer so Ray came up with this cool idea to house twin projection lights in the TYGA upper opening for a very unique look that is also quite functional. The housing for the lights is made of carbon fiber. Small turn signal indicators were added and the single TYGA brake light matched to the TYGA seat looks great plus it also made the bike road legal again. Many of the small parts missing from the bike when he bought it from his friend came from TYGA, some from Japan directly and others locally as well as EBAY auctions.
After getting the bike road worthy it was time for paint. Bodywork was sanded down and the cool Honda wing logo was applied to a the Fighting red paint work. Some racing decals were added and finally clear coated. 217K - Click for full size image
195K - Click for full size image Ray did not stop there. He added a bunch of custom parts here and there when money allowed including a carbon fiber front fender, Coerce billet rear sets from Japan, MagTek wheels with new tires, steel braided brake lines, custom rear race fully adjustable shock, TYGA race pipes with carbon silencers and new screen. Ray also fabricated custom fairing brackets in carbon fiber as well as the surround for the clocks or meters.
Though this bike was converted back to a road legal bike, it still sees the occasional time on the track. Click here for a picture of Ray in action at Brands Hatch. Other plans for this cool NSR will see an upgraded front suspension, HRC steering damper and some engine improvements. 220K - Click for full size image
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