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August/September 2008


62K - Click for full size image The August / September 2008 Bike of the Month belongs to Arayan Lias who is based in Bangkok, Thailand right now.
Arayan some way, some how found himself working overseas in Bangkok, Thailand. Being a huge motorcycle enthusiast and a fan of old school two stroke bikes and GP machines felt the need to hooked up with a two stroker. 85K - Click for full size image
73K - Click for full size image After some searching, he came across a somewhat fair condition 1990 NSR250 R model NSR that needed some care and special attention
Arayan picked one of the best places to live overseas, Thailand!! Home of the Tyga Performance who are best known for their custom NSR parts and other goodies. After a long consultation with them Arayan ordered pretty much everything from their catalog. 69K - Click for full size image
62K - Click for full size image A complete Tyga kit was ordered and custom painted in the Rossi Hawaiian Mugello colors with custom made decals. The wheels were stripped down and powder coated in black and new tires installed. New sprockets from ISA and a gold RK chain too were added. Suspension was rebuilt on the front. Brakes were kept stock but rebuilt as they are more than adequate. The NSR was derestricted with the wire splice method and a set of TYGA pipes with stainless bodies and aluminum silencers.
Other goodies are the Tyga rear sets, carbon type rear hugger, NHK steering damper, LED lights and new screen. More upgrades to follow with Arayans bike as time and money allows. 138K - Click for full size image

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