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December 2008/January 2009


212K - Click for full size image The December 2008 / January 2009 Bike of the Month belongs to Harry from California, USA
Harry is a huge two stroke fan and always wanted a NSR to go along with his other two stroke bikes. He searched around for a long time and with a bit of luck came across this all original 1995 SP model that was for sale. 209K - Click for full size image
151K - Click for full size image He had been searching for a while and this particular NSR was road legal and licensed in California, he worked out a deal with the owner and took possession of the bike.
After bringing the bike home, he pulled it apart and did some cleaning up, polishing and minor work. The bike was already in beautiful shape and had perfect bodywork and not a whole lot of work was needed. 198K - Click for full size image
230K - Click for full size image Harry got in touch with Tyga Performance and they set him up with a set of their stainless race pipes with carbon kevlar silencers and rear sets. The bike was further derestricted with the HRC030 card and the wire splice method. Carbs rejetted and set with a HRC kit and other HRC parts as well were added.
The suspension was handled by a local race shop who rebuilt the front and rear suspensions and replaced the springs with new ones. A steering damper from Sprint keeps things under control in fast corners and brakes were upgraded with steel braided lines and better pads. Other extras are the carbon fiber front fender, gold chain and Renthall sprockets. Harry also owns a RGV250 as well and said nothing compares to the NSR. 236K - Click for full size image


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