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February/March 2008

247K - Click for full size image The February 2008/ March 2008 Bike of the Month belongs to Arthur Lee from Hong Kong, China.
Arthur has always been a two stroke fan and loved the look and performance of the NSR motorcycle series and always wanted one. One day he came across a nice 1995 MC28 SE model for sale and had to have it. 192K - Click for full size image
178K - Click for full size image After purchasing the bike and driving it for a while he decided on some upgrades and got in touch with Tyga Performance for one of their cool looking fairing upgrade kits with the modern looking twin lights.
The seat was custom made using a stock one piece MC28 type seat and some after market rear tail lights molded in for a fresh new look. The bike was painted locally and a full MoviStar decal kit was installed and then clear coated. 348K - Click for full size image
175K - Click for full size image Performance is enhanced with JHA racing pipes and custom built silencers with that cool rainbow titanium look. The engine was freshened up with a top end rebuild, carbs rebuilt and rejetted and HRC reed valves installed.
Other extras are the cool Coerce aluminum rear sets, NHK steering damper, Coerce front fork brace, rebuilt suspension, black powder coated wheels with new rubber, quarter turn throttle kit, steel braided brakes lines all around, sport pads, full floating front disc brake kit, smoke screen, Beet racing front fender, billet clutch and brake levers and many bolts and screws replaced with light weight alloy ones. 171K - Click for full size image
131K - Click for full size image Arthur is very pleased with his new NSR now and it attracts a lot of attention while he is out riding it in Hong Kong.
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