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June / July 2008


201K - Click for full size image The June / July 2008 Bike of the Month belongs to Andrew Robinson from South Africa.
Andrew's NSR started out as a 1989 MC18 (R5K) model that he bought used in the year 2000 for use as a custom NSR with the occasional track use. It was painted in white colors and came with Dog Fight racing pipes and made 69 horsepower on the Dyno. 143K - Click for full size image
155K - Click for full size image The MC18 was fast and fun and Andrew enjoyed riding it on the streets of South Africa but after a big accident he decided it would be better and safer to just ride it on the track and converted the bike to a full time race bike.
The stock bodywork was replaced with a RCV211 type kit and custom painted by Gerard at RACEBOX motorcycles in South Africa. He did a great job with the bodywork and paint and the bike really stands out. Colors are based on the the 2001 Daijiro Kato AXO colors and are just incredible. 134K - Click for full size image
133K - Click for full size image The front forks were replaced with adjustable SP type ones and also rebuilt with new race internals. The rear swingarm is from a MC21 NSR along with the SE adjustable rear shock and was custom installed. NSR brakes are pretty good in stock form but have been improved with rebuilt calipers, sport pads and steel braided lines on front.
The engine was refreshed and the carbs rejetted to match the open carbs and race box. Tyga silencers replaced the loud DFR ones, a steering damper from Daytona, Michelin H2 tires, Magtek wheels and Renthal sprockets help out too. Andrew has built one very nice and fast track bike. 127K - Click for full size image

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