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October/November 2008


95K - Click for full size image The October / November 2008 Bike of the Month belongs to Magical Racing in Osaka, Japan.
Magical Racing has been building top quality street and racing bodywork for major Japanese motorcycles since the 1980's. They worked closely with the Kenny Roberts KR Proton team during their moto GP years with ultra lightweight wind screens and super trick carbon fiber bodywork. 72K - Click for full size image
99K - Click for full size image Magical Racing is no stranger to the Honda NSR. During the late 80's and 90's they sold street and racing kits for the bikes in fiberglass and optional carbon fiber. The quality and dedication was always there. Than around the late 90's and into the new millennium NSR bikes in Japan lost popularity and newer modern 4 stroke bikes were all the rage. A few years later, Magical Racing decided to come out with a all new and updated bodykit for the NSR250 to give it an all new and modern look to keep it up to date with the newer bikes.
Design is based on the latest model RSW 250 bikes. The rear seat works with your stock seat frame and bolts right on, plus an optional tail light assembly is available with carbon fiber indicators, brake light and rear fender eliminator. The rest of the bodywork is designed by MR and is similar to the RSW/RCV/CBR bikes but bolts on the NSR perfectly with no fabrication or need for custom made parts. 72K - Click for full size image
77K - Click for full size image The all new deep sided fender and the custom turn signals. This particular MC21 model was totally restored before these pictures, the swingarm was powdercoated and a carbon fiber hugger added. Engine was freshened up and JHA pipes installed with a custom carbon fiber stay. The brakes were tuned up with new steel braided lines, sport pads and work well with stock rebuilt calipers.
The suspension was not to be over looked and was rebuilt as well. The rear shock was replaced with a custom Ohlins rear shock and custom rear sets with carbon fiber heel guards added. Magtek wheels are powdercoated with new tires and a gold RK chain. Carbon fiber mirrors and an race screen were added also. To find out more about this cool looking bodykit from MR (Magical Racing) please check out www.magicalracing.co.jp for more about them and future NSR parts and other amazing stuff. 76K - Click for full size image


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