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April/May 2009

218K - Click for full size image The April / May 2009 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Hide from Aichi Prefecture in Japan.
Several years ago Mr. Hide owned a brand new 1989 MC18 model and enjoyed it so much. He regretfully sold the bike and bought a bigger bike. Many years and a few bikes later he came across this 1993 MC21 SP model for sale and it brought back so many old NSR memories and he bought the bike. 176K - Click for full size image
175K - Click for full size image This bike is an authentic 93SP model so its quite rare. (only 900 ever made) Most people would probably keep it original or close to it but not Mr. Hide. He spent the last year or so doing many mods and performance upgrades to build his own personal custom NSR.
The bodywork was replaced with a Corin Motors kit and custom painted in Mr. Donut colors based on the Spencer 1992 Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance race machine. Mr. Hide took care of all the stickers and paint. The end result looks great and the lines suit the NSR well. A stepped screen from Magical Racing and tiny projector lights also give the NSR a clean and modern look. The rear brake lights were replaced with custom made twin LED lights that Mr. Hide made himself. 73K - Click for full size image
86K - Click for full size image The rear suspension of the bike was replaced with a MC28 swingarm, suspension and wheel for that cool MC28 single sided look. Front suspension was rebuilt to match. Mr. Hide also updated his meters with a MC28 Tachometer custom mated to the MC21 gear. A Takegawa digital meter and a digital speedo from Active fitted to a custom made carbon case by Mr. Hide along with a custom faceplate for the Tacho look fantastic.
Performance of the bike have been improved drastically with JHA 500V race pipes, HRC parts, Turbo filter and some carb tuning for one responsive engine. Brakes have been upgraded with new brake lines, Project U sport brake pads and a CBR1000RR radial master cylinder. 210K - Click for full size image
138K - Click for full size image Other upgrades are the NHK steering damper, Real Balance rear sets with carbon heels, alloy sprockets, HRC quick fasteners for the body and most of the bolts replaced with lightweight ones. To find out more about Mr. Hide and his bike be sure to check out his site HIDE'S STYLE in Japanese.

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