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October/November 2009

111K - Click for more The October / November 2009 Bike of the Month belongs to Max Coel from the United Kingdom.
Max was looking around for a new race bike to replace his old one and he came across this NSR250 for sale not too far from him. At first he was not even sure what kind of model it was but it turned out he had a rare 1989 SP (MC18) model. He arranged to see the bike and talk with the owner and they worked out a deal. 84K - Click for more
132K - Click for more The NSR required a lot of work but wasn't in too bad of shape and had almost no crash damage considering it was a track bike. Max spent the next couple of days just pulling it apart bolt by bolt.
The entire frame, rear swingarm, front forks and triples were beautifully polished to a shiny mirror finish. Aftermarket steps replaced the damaged ones. The engine and carbs were pulled apart and freshened up. The air box is custom made and features a RAM AIR type system with hoses from the side fairings running hoses direct to the carb box. Exhaust is handled by HRC pipes and the bike is fully derestricted. 93K - Click for more
133K - Click for more Spare bodywork came with the bike and that was sanded down, prepared for paint and decals and finally colored in the custom design with coats of clear to keep it clean for a long time. Every rusty bolt or damaged part was replaced for one very clean bike.
The front suspension was rebuilt, the rear shock is an unknown aftermarket shock that was retained due to being in excellent condition. The wheels are stock SP magtek wheels that were powder coated. Brakes have slightly been upgraded with better pads and new brake lines. 137K - Click for more
137K - Click for more Max plans on racing the bike when race season starts and future plans will see a single sided swingarm conversion as he has already picked up one from a VFR400.


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