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February/March 2009

181K - Click for full size image The February / March 2009 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Yomoya from Japan.
Mr. Yomoya has owned this bike since new when he bought it immediately after acquiring his motorcycle license way back in early 1995. His beautiful custom MC28 model started off as a stock SE model and has slowly been upgraded over the years with various modifications. 162K - Click for full size image
141K - Click for full size image This bike has been modified several times over its life time with 95SP HRC colors bodywork and also Silhouette Japan bodywork. Mr. Yomoya got the itch again to modernize his bike and wanted something completely different that no one has ever done before.
After a lot of research he came across a Japanese company called GP-Mono. They produced some very high quality bodywork for a decent price and also had a very cool and all original look to it. Unfortunately they did not have a body kit for the NSR series but did sell kits for the RS125 and 250 racers (as well as other full on racing machines). Mr. Yomoya checked out the dimensions of the RS125 upper and lower fairing and found out they were very close to the NSR bikes and might work with some custom work and tweaking. 62K - Click for full size image
70K - Click for full size image First thing was to trial fit the fairings, with some work it went well and the next step was to add a light. The headlight surround came from a motard racing bike fitted with a projector style light. Front flush mounted winkers were added too. The rear part of the lower fairing was slightly trimmed and some modifications were necessary for the rear sets and side stand to fit properly. The rear seat is a RS250 type seat and was custom fit with a Hayabusa LED tail lamp and turn signal combination all made by Mr. Yomoya himself. All paint, bodywork and the custom Repsol decals were also taken care too by the owner.
This NSR has fully been derestricted with HRC cards (010 and 030) and an ETHOS Over-Rev racing kit with carbon silencers. Picture on the right shows the custom multifunction speedometer to replace the stock speedo with the HRC card conversion. Custom EL lights were added for the cool blue look. Mr. Yomoya made the stays himself and there is information on his site (in Japanese) on how to do this conversion. 48K - Click for full size image
156K - Click for full size image Look closely and you notice the upside down fork conversion. These forks come from a Yamaha 1995 TZR SPR model and are fully adjustable like the SP models and were rebuilt as well. A custom stem was machined and pressed into the lower triple. The stock TZR brakes and front fender were used along with light weight alloy clip ons. The stock NSR wheel and discs were retained. Steel braided brake lines and high performance pads help out too with braking performance.
A custom built engine from a MC21 was added, the crank was counter weighted, the intakes and case were cleaned up and deburred, the RC valves filled it with metal, the whole engine was looked over and every small possible detail was taken care. A custom made ram air kit and filter system was added along with a one-off reed valve kit, In the end it put out 66.1 HP on the dynometer. The gearbox was strengthened with a SPL shift drum center and SPL spring. Heavy duty clutch springs help to get power to the rear wheel. 137K - Click for full size image
144K - Click for full size image Other goodies are the Ethos racing sprocket, colored RK chain, BEET rear sets, POSH steering damper, hand made screen, RS ignition kit and custom earthing kit, plus the list goes on. To find out more about Mr. Yomoya and his special NSR please check out his site BONSAI ROAD for more information.

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