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April/May 2010

51K - Click for full size image The April / May 2010 Bike of the Month belongs to Kelvin from Singapore.
Kelvin has always dreamed of having his own NSR ever since he was a small child growing up in Singapore and remembers watching old GP races and movies from Asia with his Father. 46K - Click for full size image
54K - Click for full size image Around one year ago he came across this MC28 NSR for sale locally and just had to buy the bike to fulfill his child hood dream of owning an actual NSR bike like he saw in the movies as a child growing up.
The bike was in good shape but needed some work. Kelvin went to work on taking the entire bike apart and the frame and rear swingarm were sent out to be powder coated in black. The engine was cleaned up and the carbs we replaced with carbs from a MC21 bike with a HRC open carb box and the full HRC jet kit properly installed and tuned for conditions in Singapore. The bike is further derestricted with the HRC 030 card and a JHA exhaust system for one very quick ride. 29K - Click for full size image
43K - Click for full size image The upside down front suspension from a Honda RVF400 was located and custom made to fit the MC28 using the stock wheel and calipers to work with the larger RVF discs and still work on the road with a beefier front end and improved brakes. Wheels are Magteks and were also powder coated and fitted with new Michelin Pilot tires.
Tyga came to the rescue to replace the old and tired stock bodywork with their more modern looking latest kit. Custom paint and decals were done in Singapore for a unique look similar to a Ducati Moto GP racer. Carbon fiber fenders front and rear were added too along with a new screen and the matching Tyga seat, subframe and lights. 51K - Click for full size image
24K - Click for full size image Kelvin has done several upgrades such as the steel braided lines all around, blue colored DID chain, AFAM alloy sprockets, OHLINS steering damper, custom levers and clip ons, Tyga rear sets and many other small parts have been replaced or upgraded and most of the bolts too with lighter alloy or titanium ones. Kelvin is still not finished with his NSR and has plans for a new custom made RS seat from Japan and more upgrades as well as the need for more power and performance. There are plenty of NSR riders in Singapore nowadays and if you are lucky enough to catch up with Kelvin and his cool ride be sure to say hello to him.

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