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August/September 2010

180K - Click for full size image The August / September 2010 Bike of the Month belongs to Pierre from Hong Kong, China.
Pierre started racing smaller two stroke bikes when he was younger and always had a passion for them. After several years of racing small two stroke mini bikes he decided it would be time to update to a larger capacity four stroke engine for the street. A few more years go by and Pierre has once been bitten by the two stroke bug and decides to return to his roots and luckily comes across a nice used MC28 SP for sale in Hong Kong. 207K - Click for full size image
167K - Click for full size image Apparently the bike belonged to an infamous Hong Kong street rider and was featured in a famous Hong Kong movie in a different color scheme. He happily purchased the bike and started on his new project. First the bodywork and most parts were dissasemmbled. Paintwork is based on the 2006 Dani Pedrosa Moto GP bike. The frame was cleaned up and polished, many bolts were replaced with new fresh ones and lots of tedious work went into giving the bike a semi-major restoration and clean up.
The bike came with JHA SP racing pipes and is derestricted with all the typical HRC goodies from the mid 1990's. The engine was freshened up and the brakes all rebuilt around plus sport pads, new braided lines, new sport tires, sprockets, chain and rebuilt stock SP suspension front and back. 242K - Click for full size image
158K - Click for full size image Other extras are the billet rear sets, NHK adjustable steering damper, Daytona front fork brace, custom LED lights, MC21 fold away rear passenger foot pegs and more. Future plans will see an Ohlins front and rear suspension on the bike. Watch out for Pierre if you happen to come across him and his cool NSR if you are ever in Hong Kong.

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