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December 2010/January 2011

266K - Click for full size image The December 2010/January 2011 Bike of the Month belongs to a Japanese rider whose nick name is STIG from the Eastern part of Japan.
Stig bought this NSR directly from JHA motors in 2006 when they released a very limited number of "RS FORCE" complete machines for the Japanese market that were hand selected, restored and rebuilt by JHA themselves 227K - Click for full size image
197K - Click for full size image For those that do not know about JHA (pronounced JAW-HA) and their amazing products for the NSR line up that were super popular in the late 1980's, 1990's and early 2000 years. They were famous for winning races and making the best pipes around. Nearly every NSR winning racer in Japan had JHA pipes on their bikes back than.
Over the years, JHA occasionally sold JHA "Complete Machines", this particular bike was known as the "RS FORCE Complete Machine" and was to be the last ever complete bike built by JHA before they closed their doors. 153K - Click for full size image
130K - Click for full size image Stig's NSR 250 started its life out as an original 1994 SP model. JHA only used SP bikes for their complete machine builds. Jha then pulled the entire bike apart to the frame and each part on the bike was inspected and either cleaned up, rebuilt or replaced with new ones.
The bodywork was designed by JHA based on the latest RS250 bodywork back in those days and manufactured by ALFA-RAYS in Yokohama city. They had made fiberglass and carbon fiber parts in the past (now have moved on to helmet making and custom paint work) ALFA-RAYS also took care of the paint work for the JHA complete machine RS FORCE bikes. 230K - Click for full size image
248K - Click for full size image The front fairing featured a ram air induction system to work with the JHA carbon box and deeper velocity stacks. The mirrors featured molded in front turn signals for a cleaner and more aerodynamic look. The lower fairing was very close to the RS250 piece. The headlights with their HID lights really gave the RS FORCE bike its unique look that even today still looks ultra modern and sharp. The rear seat also based on the RS250 seat but totally original still used the original and classic NSR twin round brake lights with a carbon fiber piece that was molded to fit the seat with molded in turn signals that worked with the stock wiring and bulbs. The RS FORCE seat also used a custom made aluminum seat frame and battery box that helped reduce weight by several kilograms.
Probably the best point about the new RS FORCE bikes were the complete and all new stainless exhaust systems now known as the RS FORCE 304 kits. These were the first run of stainless kits for JHA and could be ordered with titanium silencers which was a first for the NSR series. These pipes alone fitted with the supplied wood ruff key gave a simple bolt on 18 HP at the rear wheel, saved serious pounds in weight and were just plain cool !! 178K - Click for full size image
286K - Click for full size image Other standard features on this original RS FORCE bike were the JHA tachometer face plate, carbon fiber style meter cover, hand made JHA rear maintenance stand and front and rear carbon fiber fenders. All engines on complete JHA bikes were rebuilt in-house at JHA and combined with their RS FORCE 304 pipe kits, the VHM headsets, JHA carb box kit and mods, ram air, rejetting and more were able to hit an honest 65-66 HP with the stock MC28 OEM card
Jha did not stop there, they made and included custom billet rear sets for the bikes, custom steel braided lines front and rear with improved pads and rebuilt brakes all around. Suspension was rebuilt all around for heavy duty and sport use and also came with a custom anodized gray HRC steering damper. When these very rare and limited amount of complete JHA NSR bikes went on sale they were priced at around $13,000 or so and only a small handful were ever sold. This NSR that Stig owns was the very last RS FORCE to be built by JHA before they closed their doors a short time later. 245K - Click for full size image

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