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February 2010

185K - Click for full size image The February 2010 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Mui from Gifu, Japan.
This months featured bike belongs to a young married couple here in Japan. Mr. Mui has built this bike for his wife to ride and helps her with all the maintenance and tuning of the bike which is his hobby and she loves to ride the bike which is perfect for both of them. 185K - Click for full size image
166K - Click for full size image This bike started life as a genuine MC21 SP model. The bike was not in very good condition at that time and Mr. Mui decided he would completely rebuild the bike with a custom "Street Fighter" look for his new wife.
First step was to completely disassemble the entire bike right down to the bare frame. The frame and rear swingarm were beautifully polished to a wonderful mirror finish so nice that you can see your face clearly in it. Next step was to overhaul the engine with the usual HRC parts and all the popular upgrades. The bike was derestricted and stainless racing pipes from Harc-Pro were installed. 86K - Click for full size image
174K - Click for full size image This is a "Street Fighter" NSR so it was designed to be built with almost no fairings to show off the engine and have that unique look. The upper cowl is surprisingly from a Honda NSF100 mini bike and has been modified heavily to fit the NSR250 and looks quite well too. A single HID light was added to keep the bike legal. The rear seat is from a Honda RS125 racer and was fit with a one-off custom seat subframe. LED turn signals and brake lights were custom fit into the bodywork for a clean and stealth look. The front screen has a special coating and is also from the NSF100 mini racer.
The bike was slowly reassembled together and every bolt was checked and inspected and replaced with either new parts, alloy or titanium ones. The suspension was upgraded to a Honda RS250 upside down front end that was rebuilt and the outer tubes anodized in gold. The rear shock is the stock MC21 SP one and rebuilt as well. 184K - Click for full size image
183K - Click for full size image The brakes were next to be upgraded and Mr. Mui retained the stock RS250 brakes after rebuilding them which are more than adequate. New rotors on the front and a Brembo billet radial master cylinder with stainless steel brake lines all around and a HRC rear brake reservoir. Other cool features are the radiator coolant catch tank custom painted to look like a Nitrous Oxide bottle, custom digital meter combo, NHK steering damper, carbon fiber fenders, custom rear sets, black chain with gold sprocket and much much more.
Mr. Mui also hand painted the bike himself with custom airbrush work all over the bike including little skulls in the swingarm and many other small touches that you can not really see in the pictures. He built this bike for his wife and she really loves to ride it on weekends and the occasional event in Japan. One of the coolest NSR bikes I have seen around owned by one cool and very happy couple. 146K - Click for full size image

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