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June/July 2010

236K - Click for full size image The June / July 2010 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Yagi from Aichi Prefecture in Japan.
Mr. Yagi's NSR started its life as a MC21 model and slowly evolved into what you see here today. 165K - Click for full size image
193K - Click for full size image Mr. Yagi's NSR was torn apart and the frame cleaned up and then fully polished to a mirror finish. Next a single sided swing arm and wheel from a MC28 donor bike were custom fit to his MC21 for that amazing PRO ARM look.
While Mr. Yagi's bike was apart he had the engine rebuilt along with the carbs and added some HRC parts along with the Ethos pipes to unleash its full power potential. Every part on the bike was cleaned up like new or better and carefully reassembled back together. 107K - Click for full size image
80K - Click for full size image The bodywork is a lightweight fiberglass kit from Japan, the front is a MC28 kit and fits well with very minor work. The rear seat is a late model RS250 seat fitted to a custom made NSR seat frame assembly. Small rear LED tail lights were installed and new LED turnsignals all around along with a projector beam headlight in the front and a smoked wind screen and a barely legal carbon mirror.
Drivers view shows the polished top triple along with alloy preload adjusters and custom gauges (now available in my PART SHOP). Digital temp gauges and gear selector gauge were also installed. My Yagi also often uses his Sony PSP to navigate him around Japan and he fit this custom stay for that. 105K - Click for full size image
171K - Click for full size image Mr. Yagi took care of the paint, bodywork and stickers himself and did a decent job at that too, The bike looks great in the Telefonica MoviStar colors and really attracts a LOT of attention where ever it goes.
Other extras are the Braking big wave rotors, steel braided lines all around, sport pads, rear chain eliminator kit, billet rear sets, steering damper, AFAM sprockets, RS fender and much more. 220K - Click for full size image
182K - Click for full size image Mr Yagi is now planning on adding a new upside down fork conversion kit from a RVF400 and even more modifications coming very soon. Stay tuned for more about him and his cool NSR !!

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