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October/November 2010

217K - Click for full size image The October / November 2010 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Yagi from Aichi Prefecture in Japan.
Mr. Yagi's NSR was previously featured earlier this year and after photographing pictures of it, his bike went through a huge transformation and now looks as it is now. 169K - Click for full size image
188K - Click for full size image The first thing Mr. Yagi took care of was the bodywork. He wanted a whole new look for his bike and shopped around locally (here in Japan) and came across this RS type upper fairing cowl in light weight fiberglass with a matching lower light weight fairing with added extensions around the exhaust area for that authentic old school GP look
This particular rear seat is a one off hand made piece in fiberglass, it is much lighter, smaller and boxier than the OEM Honda seat. The design of this seat allows the removal of the seat subframe and is built with extra thick construction to make up for the lack of the stock seat subframe. Mr. Yagi slightly modified the rear of the seat to fit his tiny (barely legal) brake light and turn signal combination. The new front upper fairing was modified to fit this projector type light. A new RS style racing screen was added. 200K - Click for full size image
85K - Click for full size image The front suspension was upgraded with a complete front end from a RVF400. A custom made stem was fabricated and pressed into the NSR triples. The brakes also came from the RVF400 which feature slightly larger disc rotors (296mm). The wheels are the stock type NSR SP mag tek wheels all around. The brakes have been upgraded with Brembo rotors and rebuilt calipers with new sport pads and steel braided lines front and back.
Other upgrades are the new Harc-Pro stainless racing pipes with carbon silencers. The stock carb box was modified for improved air intake and also covered in a carbon fiber looking material for that exotic racing look. The entire frame was polished to a mirror finish. 143K - Click for full size image
100K - Click for full size image A custom made center mounted tachometer with an LED electronic gear position display are flanked by a pair of digital meters that let you know everything you need to know about your bike including digital speedo, digital tach, twin temps, volt, fuel level, time, lap timer and even more.
The paint was handled by Mr. Yagi himself. He is a big fan of the late Daijiro Katoh GP rider and champion. His bike was based on these colors of his bike. Custom decals were ordered by a local shop and Mr. Yagi painted the bike himself. 178K - Click for full size image
182K - Click for full size image Other extras are the Battle Racing rear sets, Brembo radial pump master cylinder, AFAM sprockets, rebuilt rear suspension, custom painted catch tank to look like a mini NOS bottle, new tires and much more. Mr. Yagi is still not finished with his amazing NSR and more plans on are their way.

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