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August 2011

177K - Click for full size image The August 2011 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Mui from Gifu Prefecture in Japan.
Mr Mui's bike was featured in the past as a previous Bike of the Month and after a while he decided to rebuild his NSR with a whole new look. 92K - Click for full size image
112K - Click for full size image First step, pull bike apart again and order parts including the new Tyga RSW fairing. The seat comes from a RS125 and was made to fit with a custom made seat subframe in aluminum.
Mr. Mui and his wife both enjoy working on the bikes together and riding them too. They came up with this cool Japanese style "OIRAN" design which is like a soft textile material used in making KIMONO silk garments. Together the Mui Family painted the fairings and added the cloth like material for an incredible and one-off traditonal Japanese look that I have to admit is very cool. No NSR decals were used on this bike. He decided to go with a complete RSW racer look including logos and kept the bike street legal with small and hidden lights carefully placed for a street legal ride. 163K - Click for full size image
121K - Click for full size image Other cool upgrades since the last build are the dummy NOS style coolant reservoir tank bottles (these may go on sale, email if interested) and the modified MC28 digital speedometer to work on this MC21 bike including water temp and voltmeters. Click here to see a working video of the meter in action from YouTube.
The Mui Family has even more plans for this bike in the future and plan to keep things in the traditional Japanese ways. Stay tuned for more about this amazing bike. 170K - Click for full size image

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