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December 2011/January 2012

195K - Click for full size image The December 2011/January 2012 Bike of the Month belongs to Henry from Italy.
Henry came across this NS400R for sale locally in his town while searching for a 2 stroke replica racer. He originally was looking for a NSR250 but found this bike instead and it was in very good condition but did need some work. 167K - Click for full size image
123K - Click for full size image This is the first time I have ever featured a NS bike on my site but this bike is just as worthy as a NSR if not even more. The NSR bikes history and roots came from these amazing 2 stroke machines from the early to middle 1980's.
Henry is a big two stroke fan and always wanted one but had troubles finding a nice clean model. Most of the bikes he came across were not running and had been crashed or were in need of major repair. 161K - Click for full size image
132K - Click for full size image One day, by chance he discovered this beautiful and original NS400R in Rothmans Racing colors and could not believe it. He bought the bike and brought it home. The bike ran well and was rideable but in need of some TLC to get it the way he wanted his new bike to be.
Amazingly the bodywork was is good shape with no damage and the original paint was still quite good. The bike was pulled apart and all the old and broken parts were removed and a list made of what was to be repaired, replaced or upgraded. 138K - Click for full size image
77K - Click for full size image Henry preferred the classic NS look and wanted to keep it as original looking as possible but with a twist. He wanted to have more modern brakes, wheels and suspension and improve performance as much as possible without building a bike that would look too modified or modern for its time and retain that cool and classic NS400R look.
For starters he got in touch with some friends who run a racing shop and helped him out with the suspension upgrades you see here. The front end was replaced from a late model Honda CBR600 complete with the larger discs, fender and mono-bloc radial calipers. The front wheel comes from a VTR1000. The rear suspension comes from a MC28 NSR 250 with its beautiful pro-arm design and the Magtek wheel custom mounted to the NS400R frameset and controlled by an Ohlins shock for incredible performance. 63K - Click for full size image
161K - Click for full size image Brakes are improved even more with sport pads, steel braided lines and a radial master cylinder. Any bolt that required replacement was either replaced with alloy or titanium bolts. The battery replaced with a lightweight lithium battery to help shed 10KG of weight from this bike which is mass rotational weight coming from the suspension, wheels and brakes to drastically improve performance.
The engine got a new set of pistons and rings, carbs rebuilt, new chain and sprockets, custom rear sets, new Metzeler Sportec M5 tires. Many parts cleaned up and restored on this bike which took over one year of work and Henry is very pleased and happy with his fresh new NS400R that gets much attention. Rumor has it he may have a NSR250 soon too. Stay tuned for more about that. 148K - Click for full size image

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