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February 2011

203K - Click for full size image The February 2011 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Hide-san from Nagoya, Japan.
Hide-san's bike started its life off as an original and very rare 1993 SP model (the rarest of all SP models, only 900 or so made) he had driven and enjoyed the bike for many years and suddenly felt the need to customize, restore and rebuild the bike all at the same time. 256K - Click for full size image
246K - Click for full size image The entire bike was pulled apart. The engine was removed and cleaned up and refreshed with new OEM parts. A few HRC bolt on parts were added and the carbs tuned to match. Exhaust is handled by an ETHOS Over-Rev racing system. This bike was built to be a daily driver and not a racing machine that requires lots of tuning and and maintenance. Hide-san wanted to have some fun with this bike and also use it for getting around to work and on weekends and needed a reliable bike. It puts out around the 60HP mark.
While the bike was apart he cleaned up the frame, many parts and more. He also converted the MC21 gull arm to the more modern looking MC28 pro arm single sided suspension including a rear Magtek wheel to match his front Magtek wheel. The front suspension was converted to an upside down style one borrowed from a Suzuki RGV250. This required some special machine work and lots of patience but the results were worth it and Hide-san is pleased with the conversion. The front Tokico calipers also come from the Suzuki donor bike and are fitted with new sport pads biting floating wave disc rotors that are triggered by a NISSIN radial pump master cylinder and PLOT steel braided lines all around. 147K - Click for full size image
250K - Click for full size image The exterior was handled by a CORIN motors full upper and lower fairing kit with new screen and new fiberglass fender. The rear seat is an order made kit from Japan that features a built in fiberglass seat subframe and is very small and light yet sturdy and strong. The rear custom carbon fiber rear hugger also comes from a local connection and is quite nice. Hide-san took care of all the paint and bodywork himself and finished the NSR in these cool Ducati inspired colors.
Many other modifications include an Ohlins rear shock, custom rear brake hose/chain guard eliminator kit, hard anodized sprockets, carbon mirrors, LED lights, custom suede seat, custom meter faceplates, billet and alloy bolts all around and so much more with even more upgrades coming soon. For more info about Hide-san and his super cool NSR be sure to check out his official website Hide's Style for more. 228K - Click for full size image

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