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June/July 2011

137K - Click for full size image The June/July 2011 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Yagi from Aichi Prefecture in Japan.
Some of you may remember Mr. Yagi as a past Bike of the Month contender with his amazing October/November 2010 Bike of the Month that he worked so hard to get it into the condition it is today. Anyway, Mr. Yagi being an NSR nut had come across a used and abused MC21 NSR SE parts bike for sale for around 500 dollars or so. He originally planned on buying the bike to use as spare parts for his own NSR project bike....but after a while decided he wanted to save this poor NSR and start up a whole new project. 92K - Click for full size image
130K - Click for full size image Basically what was left of the original parts bike was stripped down to nothing and the frame was polished to a nice mirror finish along with the rear swing arm and the front forks.
There was no body work left on this SE edition parts bike so Mr. Yagi decided to build a "Street Fighter" edition NSR which means it would be a naked bike or a bike with no fairings. A few of these have been built in Japan and are quite interesting bikes. Mr Yagi decided to attempt this by himself and the results look to be worth it. After stripping and polishing the frame and other parts it was time to take care of some of the bodywork. The original tank was cleaned up, a rear seat from a Yamaha RZ250 was modified to work and fit with twin LED brake lights and a custom subframe. A RS250 type front fender was added and the bodywork was repainted in ROTHMANS RACING colors 118K - Click for full size image
137K - Click for full size image Engine was freshened up a bit with a mild top end rebuild, rebuilt and rejetted carbs and HRC intake parts. Exhaust is handled by a Dog Fight Racing set up with JHA titanium silencers and makes good horsepower. Almost all the nuts and bolts have been replaced with CNC machined billet ones and colorful anodized ones too to dress up the engine.
Other goodies are the CB400SF gauges, powder coated wheels, new sport tires, rebuilt brakes and new brake lines all around, AFAM sprockets, Ohlins steering damper, NOS look style catch tank, Coerce billet rear sets, rebuilt front forks and so much more. This bike used to be a parts bike and with lots of hard work on Mr.Yagi's side and some money it has turned into this beautiful bike and yet another NSR saved. 140K - Click for full size image

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