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October 2011

103K - Click for full size image The October 2011 Bike of the Month belongs to Mr. Nandy Kosuge from Tokyo, Japan.
Nandy first started this NSR project in 1997 and it started with a 1987 frame (MC16) mated to a 1990 (MC21) engine. After building the bike a few problems arrived and the engine also retired and Nandy started with a new engine and came across a later model 1992 frame set which was perfect for the bike he wanted to build. 102K - Click for full size image
93K - Click for full size image A little while later Nandy had the newer frameset ready to go and all cleaned up. The engine was rebuilt and carbs tuned to fit the custom air box. This bike originally featured the first prototype Jha street fighter "Lucifer" pipes from the late 1990's but were replaced with Ethos Tornado pipes.
The upside down front forks came from a Suzuki GSX-R400 and were modified to fit the MC21 frame with a custom made stem. The front brakes and fender are also from the GSX-R400 with the front wheel coming from a Suzuki Bandit 400. 208K - Click for full size image
168K - Click for full size image The rear seat is a custom made one-off seat from a small fabrication company in the East part of Japan. Nandy came up with the design and had a shop special make it for him. The rear brake light comes from a Buell. The seat subframe was modified to fit the smaller race style seat. The rear wheel is from a Yamaha TZR250 and custom machined to fit the MC21 Gull arm swing arm.
One piece handle bars replace the racing style NSR ones for a more comfortable riding position. The meters also replaced with a single digital meter that takes care of everything. Other extras are the quarter turn throttle kit, earls steel braided brake lines and many small billet parts. 56K - Click for full size image
166K - Click for full size image This interesting flip up gas tank is made possible with a one-off tank cover that lifts up. The gas goes into the custom made inner tank. In the early days of this bike when Nandy was using the MC16 frame he mounted the intake velocity stacks for the carbs on the tank itself (see pic above) after some time it did not work out and the engine detonated and needed replacement and Nandy decided to not use this set up again but kept them for a cool look and now are used to hold warning lamps instead.
One thing you notice right away is with the head lights. Back when this bike was first constructed in 1997 or so it had custom made twin headlights from a donor bike. This was a first for any NSR and was quite a bit of work with custom brackets plus Nandy spent many hours polishing the lights for a cool and custom look. Even today this street fighter NSR still looks wonderful. 101K - Click for full size image
99K - Click for full size image The engine was completely rebuilt, the rear suspension comes from a SE bike and the bodywork of this NSR street fighter was custom painted in these cool white and black designs by "Otherside" in Yokohama.
This NSR has been featured in several magazines in Japan through out the years and is well know and of course very beautiful and super cool. Nandy owns several bikes all of which are custom bikes including his latest collection, a B-KING. Thank you Nandy !! 98K - Click for full size image

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