Click for larger image - 45K Here is one immaculate NSR 250 SP that was let loose on the streets of California. The bike is a real 1994 SP model and was owned by Grady H. It was purchased at a motorcycle auction in Tokyo then shipped of to the USA.
After the bike made it's way across the Pacific, the painstaking process of legalization was next. Lots of paper work and persistence paid off for this California native. After some time and headaches it was completed and this bike was DOT ready to go !!! But no ordinary SP would do for this guy so he added a few goodies to make it go a little better. The bike was de-restricted with an HRC race card (P-010). The normal air box was replaced with Uni pod filters and the carbs were rejetted with a full HRC race kit. Click for larger image - 26K
Click for larger image - 39K The pipes are made by Jha and are the 500V type with carbon kevlar silencers. The engine was rebuilt and the heads were shaved for more compression. The exhaust ports were cleaned up and opened to RS specs. All the engine work was done by Brain Turfrey of the Kenny Roberts Group. A Technical sports rear back step kit was also purchased. Tires are Pirelli Dragon Corsa's.
To slow down the bike stainless braided brake lines and Ferrodo race pads were added. In addition a Daytona steering dampener was fitted for confidence in the corners. Great bike but unfortunately it was sold recently to some lucky person. Click for larger image - 40K

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