Fire Garage This is a very beautiful 1999 NSR. It's fully tuned by a shop in Tokyo known as Fire Garage. This NSR is known as the EVO model or Evolution model. Check out my Fire Garage mini tuning page here. Fire Garage specializes in NSR's and races them competitively at Major racing events in Japan.
The rear seat is a one piece race unit with a small single brake light located above where the license plate would normally go. All the bodywork is made of fiberglass and looks awesome in this dark blue color. Fire Garage custom - click for full image 61K
Fire Garage sells HRC parts and knows how to make these NSR's fly !!! This particular NSR has been modified with the stage III settings which include modifications to the crank and case, reed valves, engine porting, modified air box, HRC race radiator and many extra parts which were custom built or borrowed from HRC.
Click for more 38K These pipes known as Tabasco Fire are hand made and made of stainless steel. The silencers are carbon - kevlar. The cost of these pipes are high but they are worth it. 139,000 Yen for the set and they will work on all NSR's from 1990 and up. They fit fine without modifications to the foot pegs.
The front cowl ( upper and lower ) are made of fiberglass too, The front light is more aero dynamic to help this NSR reach it's top speed of 240 km/h. Serious !! The wind screen is also a thinner unit designed for racing.
Click for more - 43K The top bridge is borrowed from a RS 250 and has modified fork springs and internal parts which allow a higher range of adjustments.
The Steering damper is also a race unit and has five settings for you to play with. This bike is fine on the city streets as well as the race tracks. Full size image - 46K
Click for full image - 65K The front brakes have larger floating discs and the calipers are Brembo four pot units with custom made aluminum adapters to fit the front forks. Brake pads are Fire Garages original units with stainless steel mesh brake lines and a heavier duty master cylinder. Heavy brakes are needed for this bike because of the high power it puts out with it's stage III setting and numerous HRC engine parts. Take me to the Official Fire Garage Home page for more info about them and their products.