APRIL 2001

Click for full size image - 82K April 2001 Bike of the Month comes all the way from Singapore. The owner has built himself one beautiful NSR.
The bike started off as a 1996 NSR 250R SE model. Jeff bought this NSR from one of his friends about six months ago. The previous owner had been racing this bike and it was not in the greatest shape, so Jeff decided on a total rebuild to build himself a great machine for the streets of Singapore. Click for full size image - 61K
Click for full size image - 63K One of the first things that you notice is the interesting paint work. Jeff wanted to change the image of his NSR and wanted something special. After searching all around, he finally found a beautiful design that was already painted on another MC28 NSR 250. The design was based on this bike. He fell in love with this design and had to have it, so he had his NSR professionally repainted by a local shop that specialized in custom paint and body work.
After the original body work was refinished and all new paint applied, it was time to rebuild the mechanical parts of the bike. Starting with the engine, it was rebuilt and refreshened. Some minor work was done to improve the air intake. The frame and running gear were inspected and all questionable parts were replaced. Now this ex-racer was almost ready to be converted back to a full going road machine. Click for full size image - 53K
Click for full size image - 70K The front suspension was rebuilt. The top clamp was polished and front fork adjusters from Ethos Design were added. New brake discs, pads and stainless mesh brake lines were added as well.
The performance of Jeff's bike has been enhanced with Tyga Performance pipes painted in black to avoid the very strict police in Singapore. Arrow carbon kevlar silencers were modified to fit the Tyga Performance chambers. The air box is normal, but the insides have been modified slightly and it runs no filter. Carburetor setting parts from HRC help to give this bike more fuel. Future plans include a HRC card which has been ordered already and is now on the way. Dunlop GPR70 performance tires keep this NSR glued to the road. Click for full size image - 69K
Click for full size image - 97K Jeff is a huge fan of the NSR and has recently started a NSR club in Singapore with some of his friends. Presently there are twelve MC28 SE models, two SP models, countless NSR150SP models, a pair of RVF's and a CBR400RR. Contact Jeff directly at jeff_emig02@hotmail.com for more information about going out with his friends if you are living in Singapore.

Future plans for this bike include some suspension modifications and a steering damper. Jeff sometimes races this NSR at the local tracks occasionally and is quite busy right now building a web site for the Singapore NSR club. It is not necessary to own a NSR to join or hang out, all you need is a desire to ride and have fun.

I will have information soon about that web site, contact Jeff directly for more information at jeff_emig02@hotmail.com if you are interested in joining.

Click for full size image - 66K

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