88K - Click for full size The August 2001 Bike of the Month has got to be one of the coolest looking NSR models I have seen in a while from the cool paintwork to the wild Jha pipes.
This NSR 250 may look familiar to some regular viewers of this Website, that is because the April 2001 Bike of the Month was based on this original design by Frank Toby Chi. 61K - Click for full size
71K - Click for full size After buying the bike a couple of years ago, Toby rode the bike on the street for a while until the bike was converted to a full out racer. The project started off with some new bodywork from AirTech and a RS type seat cowl from Jha.
Toby wanted a design to make his NSR stand out on track day meetings, so he designed this scheme using Adobe Illustrator after numerous hours of experimentation. 19K - Click for full size
66K - Click for full size After Toby decided on the final design, he printed it out and handed it to Jim Murillo of Jim's Cycle Painting in San Pedro, California. He flawlessly applied the paint to perfection. Just check out how the gradation of the paint color from metallic blue to silver on the tail piece and the tank blends evenly.
With the bodywork completed, it was time to move on to the tuning part of this project. 500V type D pipes from Jha with carbon kevlar silencers and a HRC 030 race card derestrict this bike. 67K - Click for full size
50K - Click for full size Engine tuning was handled by one of the top two stroke tuners in California, Steve Biganski of Extreme Lean Motorsports, located in Lawndale. The engine was inspected, custom rejetted with HRC carb setting parts, and many other details to prepare the bike for racing which included an overflow catch tank, weight reductions, electrical modifications and more. Toby has nothing but great things to say about Steve and was totally satisfied with the end result.
A rear hugger type fender from Magical Racing replaces the factory rear chain guard and rear sets from Harc-Pro keep Toby well positioned on track days. Michelin Pilot Sport tires keep him glued to the race track. 75K - Click for full size
61K - Click for full size Clip ons from Graves Motorsports save weight and provide a sportier position, stainless steel brake lines for improved braking, and a Daytona steering damper from Streets 'n' Competition for more consistent cornering. Toby painstakingly custom made all the decals on the bike himself.

Toby's newly refined NSR moves very well now thanks to Steve's engine refining and upgrades. Toby a self proclaimed "Mac Nerd" races as number 64, or if you look closely maybe it could be read as "G4", whichever way you read it, no one can doubt that Toby has built himself a work of art. Click here to learn more about Toby's incredible NSR and his new project bike.

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67K - Click for full size
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