August 2002

70K - Click for full size image The August 2002 Bike of the Month has got to be the most incredible NSR 250 I have ever seen in my life. It belongs to one of my Nagoya NSR friends named Iga.
Iga bought his 1994 NSR 250R SE model brand new in early 1995 and as you can see it has been modified extensively. After putting over 50,000 Kms of mileage on this NSR in seven years or so it was time for a rebuild. That is when Iga decided to build his vision of the ultimate NSR. He started to gather all kinds of parts and contacted racing specialty shops with his wild plans in mind. 32K - Click for full size image
61K - Click for full size image First the bike was fully disassembled and the engine was completely overhauled with all new parts including every HRC part in the book. Everything that can be done to an engine was done. The shop that rebuild his engine also specializes in tuning GP bikes.
While the engine was being built the front end was swapped in favor for a complete front end from a Honda RS250 racer. This required a special stem shaft to be made and pressed into the RS triples to work on the NSR frame. The stock stem nut is still used. 84K - Click for full size image
78K - Click for full size image Braking is handled by the stock RS250 set up which is more than adequate. Brembo 4 pot calipers, sport brake pads, stainless brake lines and full floating 296mm front discs stop this beast quickly time after time.
Iga loves to ride his NSR fast and he can often be found hanging around the local twisty areas of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. So it was necessary for him to have an awesome suspension set up. The RS250 front end was rebuilt and set up for his weight by Japan's top suspension tuner Okumura Racing. They also supplied the Penske rear shock again set up personally for Iga himself. 84K - Click for full size image
42K - Click for full size image Exhaust is handled by i - Factory with their racing system and complete power up kit consisting of a lightened flywheel and carb setting parts. This NSR is fully derestricted with a pair of HRC cards, 030 and the now out of production 010 card matched to a brand new PGM IV unit. The bike was properly set up on a Dyno with a HRC carb kit, modified HRC carb box and K & N filters. Power output was measured at 65.1 Horsepower at the rear wheel. All this power is controlled by a FCC clutch from TSR.
The cool bodywork on this NSR is quite unusual. Most of you will recognize the seat from a late model RS250. This required a complete hand made lightweight aluminum rear subframe that has a little box for the battery and saves major weight. The upper and lower front cowls are custom made A2FROM cowls that are only on this NSR and also required major work with custom brackets. 80K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image After the bodywork was test fitted while the engine was being rebuilt it was sent to the painters for a flawless and incredible midnight black metallic finish beautifully polished and coated in clear for a unbelievable wet look. Rear sets from ISA save weight and look awesome. This NSR closely resembles a Stealth Fighter Jet.
There is just too much too write about this bike like the Sansei Racing billet clip on handle bars. Digital speedo gauge, WP Ti - Nitrated steering damper, custom upper cowl stay, RS 250 Radiator and custom cooling system, custom engine mounts, lights, titanium bolts, fully polished wheels, ISA sprockets, gold chain, Dunlop GPR70SP tires........ 72K - Click for full size image
78K - Click for full size image Iga being a computer engineer has fitted a data recording system to his NSR. It has sensors all around and he connects his lap top to it through a custom USB connection for various bits of information and time comparisons.
Running out of off custom made tinted screen, RS250 aluminum tank, RS coils, RS short spark plugs, About the only part not modified on this NSR is the frame, though it has been polished. At only 100 Kgs (220 pounds) this NSR literally moves like a rocket. The ultimate NSR !! But Iga is not satisfied, more will come later, bigger brakes, more power, better this, lighter that................. 63K - Click for full size image
Iga and his very interesting Website with more pictures, details and lots more about his NSR 250, other bikes and more about him. Take me to Infinit - Reality for more.
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