August 2003

65K - Click for full size image The August 2003 Bike of the Month belongs to Hiroshi Koba of Tokyo, Japan with this amazing machine!!
Hiroshi whose nick name is Hiro started off with a four stroke VFR400, then upgraded to a RVF400 and later wanted a compact and sporty 250 so he bought a VTR250. He was not very pleased with the performance of the four stroke VTR250 and always wanted to try a two stroke so he traded in the VTR and bought a brand new 1999 MC28 NSR250R SE model just before Honda had discontinued them. 66K - Click for full size image
78K - Click for full size image Right after buying this NSR he was hooked. He had some plans for a few minor modifications and became interested in Internet auctions where he was able to pick up some nice parts at fairly reasonable prices. That is when things changed from minor modifications to major.
Hiro started to buy up all kinds of parts with dreams of building his dream NSR. First he picked up a M-MAX complete exhaust system with carbon kevlar silencers from a friend. After that he purchased the Jha RVF400 inverted fork kit, later stainless steel brake lines and a Ohlins steering damper were added too. 70K - Click for full size image
66K - Click for full size image Hiro was still not satisfied with his NSR and wanted even more performance, so he added HRC125 reed valves, HRC stuffers, HRC spacers, MC21 carb box with a custom lid, RS250 ignition coil kit and a RS250 radiator.
Hiro lucked out later on when he found a 2001 RS250 complete front end for sale. He bought it up quickly and had a custom stem shaft and top triple made out of High-spec aluminum to fit his NSR frame. Front brake calipers are Brembo race spec calipers with titanium through bolts using RS250 front brake lines matched to a NISSIN Radial pump master cylinder which squeeze RS250 296mm floating discs for killer braking. 78K - Click for full size image
82K - Click for full size image The front wheel is a stock NSR Mag-Tek wheel fitted with a standard size 110 front Metzler Super sport tire and the rear wheel is a RS250 Marchesini racing wheel (5.5x17) fitted with a 160 sized Dunlop GPR70SP tire. Rear suspension is handled by Ohlins which he picked up on sale along with Real Balance rear sets. The front fairing is a two piece setup with twin holes cut out to let the stock headlight shine through. The rear seat is from AZUMA FRP Shop with their original Dragon Fighter seat. Hiro made his own custom LED tail light and also painted all the bodywork himself based on the CBR color series.
Hiro is still not finished with his NSR and has plans for more power and better performance. Hiro often spends his weekends and free time racing his NSR at local club events. Check out Hiro's Homepage to find out more about him and his cool NSR !! 68K - Click for full size image
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