August 2000

59K - Click for full size image Here is one beautiful Honda NSR 250 SE. It's a 92 and the owners name is Ken from Japan. He spent his entire winter bonus fixing up the bike and updating it with all new bodywork in the HRC racing colors.
The front fender, upper cowl and lower cowl are from Silhouette Racing in Osaka. The rear seat cowl is Jha's single seat along with the fenderless kit and mini turn signals. MRA Race screen, stainless mesh brake lines, WR's back step, NHK steering damper, Ethos Design Over Rev Pipes, KISS CDI-Unit derestrictor black box, HRC center plug cylinder head kit and hose, Jha carb setting parts and box, HRC reed valves and spacers, DID gold chain and Afram aluminum gold sprocket. Tires are Michelin Pilots in the soft race compound. Ken plans to add more parts with his summer bonus this year. Very cool bike and great colors. 64K - Click for full image
57K - Click for larger image This is a cool looking 1992 NSR 50. The owner is from Nara, Japan and his name is Naoto. The Front cowl and lower half is from Miya Racing in Osaka. The works type rear seat is from C-Cup. The screen is borrowed from a ZRX and the fender is made by Beat Japan. The bike started out as a 50 but the engine was replaced with an 1995 80 cc unit.
Other extras are the PE28 carb, CR manifold, Posh carbon reed valves, CDI Unit and carb box, TZR radiator, BRD 80cc race pipe, Custom rear steps and step up kit, KYB rear shock, race pads and mesh hoses, light weight alloy parts, steering damper, one piece high handle bars plus more. Cool paint work to match the riders helmet !! 59K - Click for larger image

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